Sick but supportive.
Friday, Apr. 19, 2024 - 6:16 pm.

I've been sick all week, mostly working from home. I went to uni yesterday afternoon for a couple of meetings, but my functioning has been less than optimal. I've had a weird flu/cold with symptoms that mutate everyday (hello post-covid(?) world), but I consistently feel tired.

I have a lot of projects going on, and things that have a due date. Hence I haven't been able to properly rest and recover despite staying at home.

I will brag, though, that between yesterday and today I've met with: one trans man, a high school teacher, the one who invited me to the kiki a few weeks ago, for an activity we're putting together in uni; with another trans man, a social worker who works in the mayor's office, for another activity that involves welcoming a renowned non-binary activist to the city; and with two non-binary undergrad students who are putting together a public outreach project and asked me to be their sponsor/supervisor.

It feels nice! I feel like I'm finally using my position in uni (internally precarious, but prestigious to the outside world) to uplift the work of trans and non-binary folks. Hell yes, bisexual solidarity. Among other things.

I'm not quite in the mindset to talk about much else. I'm tired. I just want to work on my silly comics and short story drafts.

Bye for now.

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