Hi, I'm writing here because I was doing an engine search for Aerosmith e-mail adress.
Saturday, 09/01/01 - 8:06 p.m. - 10:28 p.m..

First time here....um, yay....I guess. There's not much action on weekends so I really can't say anything. I just watched Aerosmith's 3x5 video. And I got a new email address...

(*away from keyboard for 2 hours*)

I have to change what I said...I just had some action....my brother Carlos just told us that he's getting married next year...we had this long family meeting...nine years later I come to find out that my eldest brother, Renan, got married because his girlfriend was pregnant (they loved -still love- each other, but had to do it sooner...social issues, you know...). Anyway, it was cool. Hearing all that stuff about my family made me love them even more. It's kind of weird that a teenager loves to be with her family...but I do, ok?

On the other hand, I must say I have no decent social life. My friends are really weird people to get along with, not because they're indeed weird, it's just...maybe it's me....come to think about it, maybe it's both sides.

The last addition to my list is a guy to whom I call often, who's dying to get laid. I did have a crush on him but not anymore. He just lets the hormones do the talking...I thought I should give it a try (I pretend to follow his game on the phone), because I expected to get a friend out of this (well, maybe I still do like him), but it's not happening.

Fuck, I should be depressed, I've been feeling so lonely lately (*ahem* since puberty)...I haven't found my soulmate...I don't mean a boyfriend or something, but I feel I'm missing someone...someone to make a connection with.

I'd be really grateful if, one day, my parental units said that my twin brother is still alive, then he gets in the room and hugs me...I know that's not happening because my parents didn't make out enough to have twins, it was just me (mom stated she did want twins though)......um, yeah, ok. Getting back to the first idea, no, I'm not depressed. Part of me says I should be, but I am not.

*yawn*...enough of this crap for tonight. I'll get some sleep and enjoy the rest of the weekend, while I don't have to deal with people. Plus, my parental units are gonna be out all day long, I'll be free to spend the day hanging around with me.

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