Tired, stuffed and disgusted. But they're wonderful people.
Friday, 04/30/04 - 11:57 pm.

I had my last midterm today. I felt like a failure at the beggining of it, but I'm hoping I'll get a decent grade. Also, today I signed up for guitar lessons AND I signed up to start my social service...whenever I can.

In Biological Basis of Behavior we watched a documental about the brain. Now it's official that the brain is the favorite part of my body. You MUST learn all the things it does. If you get one hemisphere injured, the other one can grow to compensate...and so. Oh, don't get me started.

Anyway, after my midterm, at 8 o'clock, I went to the house of my brother's ex-girlfriend's parents, because they'd invited us for dinner. It sounds odd, but these two families (mine and hers) are very fond of each other. It's still sad to think my brother and that girl didn't get married (they broke up, now she's married with a kid). All sentimentalisms aside, though, they're so nice and kind...they treat me like I am their spoiled granddaughter. I never had grandparents (duh, I did. I only met one, though, and he died when I was still a little girl, so I don't remember anything) so I suppose what I felt today was what one normally feels when one goes to the grandparents' house. And the house is beautiful, too.

I'm stuffed. The father of the "ex" (an italian immigrant, he looks like a novel writer in exile, on the process of writing his autobiography) is such a wonderful cook. But I'm disgusted, too, because all they talked about (my dad and mr. italian) was politics. I don't hate talking about politics, really. They were certainly entertaining to me. I'm disgusted because it just makes me so mad how things are in this country right now. Dictatorship under the name of democracy, to favor the working capital only. Oh, joy.

Hey, here's a thought: I'm tired. Bye.

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