Psychology and the 1:15:34 call.
Saturday, 05/15/04 - 8:46 pm.

Today's seminary, unlike yesterday's, very interesting and informative. One speech was about sexual abuse, how to manage it. I mean, how I'm supposed to treat the victim, as a psychologist.

The man giving the speech mentioned the laws created against sexual abuse, and it's just crap. So many gaps and so easy to turn around to make a raper seem like a stalker. It's her fault, she painted her face too much today.

The next speech was about kidnapping. There's a lot to tell about it, I learned so much. It's torture for the victim and her/his family. And yet...I thought I'd like to do something like that. More like that Fight Club scene, at the end of which Tyler Durden says tomorrow's chinese guy's breakfast will be the best of his life (or something). Yeah, more like a social good deed. Eh, that's how the kidnapper thinks sometimes.

And in the end, the biggest goal of a psychologist is to become the toughest person against the system, without losing his/her humanity.

Yes, well, I want to be tough as well as human. I've always wanted to be like Tyler Durden (since I saw Fight Club, anyway), only a bit less...cruel. A bit.

And now that I'm with Joseph (not officialy yet, but do you think I give a fuck about that?) I think I've found my partner in crime. When he was walking me to the classroom last night, he told me we could steal a car (we were walking through the parking lot) and start a criminal life. We'd make good criminals, I don't doubt it.

Ok, since I've drifted away from the psychology subject, and I inevitably got to, wait. These two subjects have something in common...he's going to start studying again. Maybe he'll begin next semester, if all the paperwork is done on time. And he's going to major in...psychology. Yes, like me. But no, not because of that, not because I am studying psychology.

He'd told me, one of the first times we talked, that he'd was always been attracted to that career. I know he'd be a wonderful psychologist, because he's got this wonderful touch when it comes to people. I asked him if he'd have to start from zero or if his previous studies would grant him some kind of equivalence.

I studied computer science, love. It's impossible. Yes, he studied in my university once, but one day (five days, more properly) all his life went wrong, so he went to see the rector and he told he was going to quit his studies.

Ok, I guess I should start by saying we talked today. I waited for his call all afternoon. He called at 3:00, from the same bar he called me from last night, saying he'd call me from home at five. For the first time in my life, I went mad because the phone did not ring.

So we spoke for an hour and fifteen minutes, yes? He couldn't call me before because he was with his friends. You know, he's got the funniest stories, like when a man from Argentina borrowed a hammer from him, and minutes later, that man robbed a store with the hammer. Such stuff.

I even told him about meeting my parents (with 1, I didn't even think of that possibility). The only thing that worried me about this is the answers to the questions "how old are you?" and "what are you studying?" (although this one can be fixed). And then, yes, maybe it'll be a little embarrasing and awkward, "mom, dad, this is my boyfriend", but I'm not kidding with this boy. I want to go out with him, and I don't want to lie to my parents.

He says one day he'll take me to France. And Liverpool (Beatles!). And Boston (Aerosmith!). I don't need that, really. I don't need him to take me anywhere, nor to buy me stuff. God, I just love him.

And I have a lot to read, too. Yeah, bye.

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