Sunday digest.
Sunday, 05/16/04 - 9:33 pm.


I would like to tell what a wonderful afternoon I had, because it was pouring and my nephew and I were bonding, playing with his Spiderman action figure (I love it!), listening to The Beatles.

I would like to say sundays are the worst days to read the newspaper, because you're reminded of all the crap that happened during the week (I don't want to ignore the facts, it's that the facts piss me off and are way too big for me to reach them out and destroy them with a hammer...fuck, fuck, fuck).

I would like to tell how much I love psychology, and how I can't wait to be of some use to humanity, however dumb humans are.

I would like to explain how strongly I feel about Joseph, twentyfourseven (something I never thought I could be capable of), and how fuckin' endless this weekend seems to be.

I would like to mention how much I enjoyed being with my family tonight, and yet the more I laughed because of my brother, the more unhappy and tearful I felt inside, because I know that in three weeks he will be gone.

But hey, I am working on a paper, I can barely sit straight (for my spine is aching) and my period is arriving. Yes, today is DEFINITELY sunday.

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