Hi, this is my boyfriend, isn't he the hottest thing on the planet?
Monday, 05/17/04 - 10:49 pm.

It rained this afternoon. It rained a lot. Finally.

It was 5:30, ok? And Joseph and I were in a hallway. In the middle of the hallway. These hallways are missing a wall, so when you walk in the hallways, you're walking by gardens.

And so it was raining. Pouring. And he said it was very romantic, being there, watching the scene of the rain turning the gardens into marshes (marshes are romantic, aw) with the woman he adored so much. *Cough*me.

And then he grabbed me by the arms, and started to talk. I don't even remember all the things he said, that he liked me so much and so and so. I was a little embarrased, because at 5:30 the hallways are crowded. But he kept telling me to forget everything, and to ignore everybody around us.

We must've been like that for five minutes. We decided to go somewhere else, but we just moved a few steps, because after all, he wanted to see the gardens turn into marshes. And then he grabbed me again.

I like you. I adore you so much. You are the peace I need, you are all I need. You are absolutely gorgeous, you're the woman I want, and I have to ask you something, but I just can't fucking do it...see that garden? I could toss a bomb and destroy it. I can do everything, anything, you know I can (I know he can). But there's only thing I can't do...you turn me into a coward.

I wanted to help him, seriously. I thought of giving the first step, because after all, his lips were like three inches away and I'm not THAT lazy. But one voice in my head smiled, relaxed and said "no, no, let him finish...this oughtta be good". He just kept talking, and I could've kissed him just to shut him up.

He just kept talking and talking, I couldn't even say a word because he was talkingtalkingtalking, so fast. That I was this and that, and that he wanted me and all...and I will never, ever fail you. And the only thing I could say was "I will never fail you, either".

And right then he finally kissed me. Or maybe we kissed each other. I don't know. I think I skipped a second of my life. I said those words and suddenly we were kissing. And that's when everything around us disappeared. I couldn't even hear the rain. The kiss was long. I don't know how long, but it was very long.

You know, I'd pass out right now, but I'd hate to make a scene, he said afterwards. So we skipped his scene and we went to the coffeehouse. I paid this time, and his only comment was but what a gentleman I am. But hey, we'd made a deal. I'd pay next time we went to the coffeehouse. I'm not very much into those old-fashioned traditions, you know?

From then on, I don't know how many more times we kissed. We couldn't finish our drinks (cold capuccinos, how typical)...no, no, we weren't making out (not all the time *cough*)...we just didn't feel like drinking anything. I suppose we just went to the coffeehouse as a reflex (and because it was raining and we weren't going to stand like retards in the middle of the hallway for 45 minutes). We talked a lot, and came to the conclusion that everybody (his friends, my friends) seemed to know we'd end up together. Specially Cel. She knew all along.

I just met him two mondays ago. But it doesn't feel like that. I feel as though he's been my best friend forever, which is what I've always wanted in a boyfriend. I remember when I hooked up with 1, he was a stranger to me (always was) and I was embarrased to be a "girlfriend". I'm not embarrased with Joseph. In my mind, as he was walking me to class after leaving the coffeehouse, I was telling everybody "hi, this is my boyfriend, isn't he the hottest thing on the planet?".

I didn't think he could be so happy. You see, when I didn't know him, I thought he'd be this serious, rotten guy. But he's very cute, actually. He's all cartoon-esque, which only makes me adore him even more.

He was kissing me goodbye when someone (a friend of his) from the second story of the building started to yell at him: "aaaaawwwww!". Yes, how cute that sometimes I have to stand on my toes to kiss him, because he's a little taller than me.

You know, somehow I always had this idea at the back of my head, that one day I'd find my soulmate. But honestly, I never thought I really would.

Did he ask me the question? No, he didn't. It wasn't necessary. I love that fucker, I love him to death.

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