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Thursday, 05/20/04 - 10:28 pm.

A classmate, Isaac, told me today, out of the blue: aawww, congratulations!!! I consider myself a friend of yours, so I hope it's ok that I tell you that you and him make a GREAT both are perfect for each other. You've done a lot for me since we met, and I think you deserve the best, so congratulations.

Aaawww. He's so sweet, yes.

I was just saying goodbye to him (I was trying to get out of the goddamn classroom to meet with Joseph), when I ran into Angie, who looked at me with a grin. *GASP* you hadn't told me you were already with him! You guys look BEAUTIFUL together, you're perfect for each other! Congratulations! You make such a beautiful couple!.

I finally came out of the classroom, and there he was, my man.

- Me: I've just been told by two people that we are perfect for each other.
- Him: I think they mean we're both freaks.

I love him. Hardcore.

I had a lousy morning, reading psychology and reading newspapers. I cried, I cried when I saw the killing of 10 children, 10,000 miles away from your fridge (that's a song, something like it's easy to protest about a nuclear bomb that exploded miles away from your fridge). And I cried when I read the news of four siblings, ages 12, 7, 5 and 1 who lived on 50 cents a day and were beat up by their drunk dad...the oldest called the police...I swear to God I want to adopt them, all four of them.

The day got better. It was unusually long, but wonderful. I arrived at 11:30 to attend a concert. Victor was playing. And of course I met up with Joseph. And so we were there, in the small forest of the campus, listening to music with a social message (one song was about the fridge I mentioned above...I mean, it wasn't about a fridge, really).

The concert finished at 12:30, and we agreed to go to Burger King, that's 17 steps from one of the university's main entrances. The detail is that we were at the other end of the university, so it took us about 15 minutes to walk through the campus and get to a very crowded BG.

He had coupons ($1 a meal), but the line was endless. So he said: hey, why don't we go to the coffeehouse, instead?....How clever of me to suggest that now that we're here. So we walked all the way back through the campus, and by the time he was being a gentleman, opening the door for me (hey, I opened the door for him at BG), it was 1 o'clock already. We'd been walking for 30 minutes.

I was with him until 3:30, when I had a class. And then, at 4:30, I was with him again until 5:30. We never run out of things to say. Him, specially, who's not only a wonderful storyteller, but also his stories are in essence, outrageous.

He says it all: it's physical and mental. Physically, I'd never been attracted to anyone like I'm attracted to him (don't tell anyone, but at some point in our afternoon, I cursed being in a public place). And mentally...he's a total mindfuck. Sure, his spelling is TERRIBLE (I sense you're quite a grammar freak, love) but....I don't care. He's amazing. He's the fucking man of my life.

It started to rain, but we never moved. He's not the type of person who says "oh, it's raining, let's get under a roof, OMG I'll get wet". No, we stayed where we were. Talking, *cough*makingout*cough* and laughing and talking some more.

I left Aerosmith's Gems in his CD player, and I brought home a Silverchair CD in Aerosmith's Gems CD case. I told him Train Kept a Rollin' would be our story, had Cel not introduced us to each other. It's stupid, how since the first day we saw each other walking around the campus, we were mutually attracted. He's still traumatized by the fact that I never made eye contact with him. To him I was this iceberg, "oh, there goes the iceberg", and he thought I hated him and looked down on him. I thought that was his attitude toward me. But then The Cel introduced us to each other. And, as the grown-ups say, the rest is history.

I've had sporadic headaches all through the day. I'm tired and midterms and two major investigations are just around the corner. Not to mention I have a lab and two quizzes. But I shouldn't complain, really. He makes my life much better.

- Him: "Duraflex"? That can't be a notebook, that's a condom brand.
- Me: Then it's 100% reusable, for the sake of the enviroment.

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