Of a John Lennon tribute, having someone on top and an old crush.
Thursday, 10/07/04 - 9:47 pm.

I got a package from my friend Angel and his girlfriend Christine today. I wanted to SCREAM when I saw that box...I'd seen it in Houston, last december, but I couldn't buy it because I was out of money. And this morning, there it was: a Beatles puzzle, in a pretty A Hard Day's Night box. Christine got it for me, and I could just cry.

The box also contained Happy Bunny mints, a letter from Angel (and his sister) and pictures...oh, and some tickets I can't use, because I don't live in Canada (duh!). It was a wonderful beggining for my day, and I couldn't thank them enough for the package and everything in it. They suck so much, words fail me.

After the Beatles package, I headed to the university, to attend the thursday concert: The Beatles: John Lennon's birthday. I arrived and there was my guitar instructor, Joe, who would be playing with other guys, including the coordinator of all the cultural events in the university (who was also my guitar instructor last semester), whom we'll call B. He played the keyboards. To my happiness, the professor who's a fucking John Lennon look-alike (yay!) was the singer. He looks like a 30-year-old Lennon, with the glasses and the beard. And his british accent blew me away.

Unfortunately, his voice...well, his voice was as nasal as John Lennon's. But he faked too much during the singing. Except for don't let me down, that was perfect. I was going to cry, it was like having the real John Lennon right in front of me. By the way, though, the set list kind of sucked. And over all, his too-nasal voice wasn't a good idea.

Joseph arrived in the middle of the concert. When it ended, B announced that there's going to be a tribute to George Harrison -I widely smiled. In january -I frowned. I think I'll be in Houston by then.

Well, Joseph and I went out for lunch. We had a serious talk about our relationship. Very serious, he even said: you're mature. When I had this conversation with all my other girlfriends, they freaked out: "you're breaking up with me!!!". I knew he wasn't going to break up with me, duh. It was a nice talk, I believe. Very informative.

He also said that he might not be coming to the university next week either. He says he needs to sort things out, as his life will change drastically next year (when he'll start studying again). It's nothing about "let's take some time off", because we don't need a "break" from our relationship. I told him I was ok with his decision, and I also confessed that at first his decision of not showing up upset me a great deal. But then I understood your reasons, and I understood it had nothing to do with me...so I'm ok with that now, I respect your plan.

Afterwards we went to the juice parlor, and...something happened.

In the juice parlor, as I've said, his friends Adam and Tiny work. But not exactly at the juice parlor. They're just in the same locale. Among their bussinesses there's renting computers, to go online or work on papers...so there are three rooms at the back of the house (juice parlor): one is the "headquarters", where Adam and Tiny always are, and then there are two rooms with computers.

Joseph said: Adam, I will use one of your computers. Adam said of course. Then Joseph told me to come with him. He and I walked into a dark room, and there was nothing in it but three computers, a lot of chairs and a poster of that movie, entrapment (starring Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta Jones).

Joseph closed the door. So we were alone. For the first time in our relationship, we were completely alone. We sat at one of the computers and we checked his e-mail. But then we lost interest in the internet and we *cough* focused on each other.

For the record, clothes weren't taken off. We could have, but I wanted it to be less rushed, and not in such place. He wanted to take my shirt off, but I said no. And he backed off. Sometimes I call him abusive, but the truth is he respects me. He kept asking me if I was ok, if I wanted him to stop. I didn't, but I knew I'd draw the line, and leave the thing for some other day, when I'm completely ready and when we're in a more intimate place than a juice parlor.

But we did stuff you can't do in public. A lot of stuff. I'd never had anyone on top of me *cough*.

Well, those are the highlights of my day. I have a lot of work to do, so I'll be leaving now. But I would like to emphasize this was an intense day.

While we were having lunch, I confessed to Joseph that Joe was on my "crush list" since I saw him playing at the Beatles tribute last october. But I also said, wholeheartedly, that it wasn't like that anymore, and also that him and Joe were at the top of my list at some time. And then we started to talk about taking time off in a relationship...not us, just in general.

- Joseph: I'm not jealous, because I trust you. But I'd be jealous if we were on a break. I'd think of all the guys after you...like your guitar instructor.
- Me: I just like the way he plays guitar, and he doesn't even know me. I met him yesterday. I had a crush on him.
- Joseph: yeah, I know. I could tell in both.
- Me: "both"?
- Joseph: both of you.
- Me: huh?
- Joseph: he kept staring at you.

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