Today in four paragraphs.
Tuesday, 11/02/04 - 10:18 pm.

I watched a walk to remember this morning. What a beautiful movie. It had me in tears (you know, there's a reason why I like to see movies on my own).

I burned a Joe Perry Project CD this afternoon (yay for the Joe Perry Project!). It's good music, I tell you. I burned a copy for Joe, too *cough*. Damn it. Damn me. I'll give it to him tomorrow, after the guitar lesson.

Sadly, my day wasn't so interesting. Other than the fact that I'm nervous about the results of the elections in the USA. It's not my country, but unfortunately the results affect mine in so many more ways than it really should.

Oh, fuck. I didn't go to the university today. It's the Day of The Dead, it's a holiday. Which is why I was confused when I saw the "tuesday" on the date of this entry. It feels like sunday. Elections seem to be made to happen on sunday. My period likes to come on sunday...I've been having cramps all days, but it's all a false alarm. Damn.

Sure, yeah, well, ok, bye.

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