My former lover, my boyfriend and my intense crush (and my band!).
Thursday, 11/04/04 - 9:25 pm.

You know, this afternoon I was meeting up with Irene in the woods (in the campus). We found a spare table to sit at, among bushes. But when I looked at the table next to us (not exactly next, a few feet away), through the bushes, I saw a very affectionate couple. The girl had her head on the lap of the boy.

I knew who she was. She was D's girlfriend, so therefore, there was D. I wanted to scream and laugh out loud, I'm not sure why. They looked cute together, and I was happy for them. Although sometimes I was afraid they'd engage in a sexual intercourse.

I did feel bad for a couple of minutes. A little hurt. That was the immature part of me, I guess, remembering senior high. You liked her all along, and yet you went on with me, you made me believe there was something between us, something good, something true. I don't know if he liked her "all along", anyway. But I was very hurt. I tried to move on after a while, it just isn't healthy to be dwelling on the past like that. They seem to be happy. Good for them. The end.

I didn't get to be with Joseph for long today, because I had a midterm to study for (I'd rather not think about it, but I hope I did ok). He looks very handsome with his new haircut, though. I love him.

But Joe sometimes pops in my head. I still remember yesterday's comment, that I certainly don't feel like repeating. I like the motherfucker, and knowing that he's talented doesn't really help me. He plays the guitar and sings in the choir. The anniversary of the jesuits is coming up, and I know that if I attend a few activities, I might see him there.

Aerosmith came on the radio on my way home tonight. It was Dude (looks like a lady), and it's been so loooong since Steven Tyler's voice made me melt like it did tonight. I do love Aerosmith, have no doubt.

Clearly I have nothing (new) to talk about today. I'm done with midterms (until december, finals), so now I can work on the four assignments that are due within two weeks. It sucks, I fear we won't finish them on time.

Hours and hours later, I thought of the image of D and his girlfriend putting each other's head on each other's lap. And I remembered: today's his birthday.

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