Plans for december.
Sunday, 11/07/04 - 11:34 pm.

I'm writing this late because I was watching queer eye for the straight guy, my favorite show. New season, too. Oh, joy.

I played a lot of guitar today, and I finally believed I'm getting better. Practice, that's all I need.

The countdown for my trip to Houston has begun, which means I'm starting to make lists: people I'll send christmas cards to, people I'll get presents for, people I'll get souvernirs for, things I have to buy, things I'd like to buy, things I shouldn't bother to buy...and I still haven't started thinking about the money.

I'm excited, but leaving Frog kills everything. I'm sorry for her. She gets depressed and with all the firework noise (it's a tradition here) she has anxiety attacks, or something along those lines...she shakes violently and can't walk (I've been told she's quite odd).

There are three things she hates: being alone, thunderstorms and fireworks. There are no thunderstorms in december, but the other will definitely be with her for two weeks or so. Rose, the housekeeper, will come everyday to check on her and the parrot, but just for a while. A man will come sleep over (he's a friend of my dad's, from the same village; a good man for sure), so that relieves me a little. But I still feel really bad for her.

Other than that, I'm starting to make plans. My whole family will be there (parents, brothers, sister in law, sister and nephews and niece), that's gonna be a lot of people, which eventually may drive me crazy. I don't mix well with crowds, even if they're my family. My brother is renting an apartament for us, though, so at least we won't invade their (his, his wife and children) house. I think I won't get to update this diary everyday, but I'll try to keep a journal.

I'll wrap this up before the lights go out, as it happened last night. Ok, bye.

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