I'm busy, but here are a few words about today.
Tuesday, 11/09/04 - 9:35 pm.


I am busy working on a magazine cover (for psychology of development II). And I'm busy with four other works due next week. Yay. Joy.

Today Joseph bought a pack of cigarettes just to trade it for a small radio with earphones. He also got a free polaroid. He said he'd keep it, but he posted it on a billboard in one of the hallways. That was random, and very funny. I love him.

It's a cold night, cheers. But I got a call today, and I was told won't be released until next week. How rude of them. That upset me and disappointed me. I was hoping it'd be out tomorrow. That was the deal. They suck.

Did I say I was busy? I am, you know? But help yourself with this. Me, I'll go get a sweater and keep working.


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