The anniversary mass and the upcoming book.
Tuesday, 11/16/04 - 9:06 pm.

I only had 20 minutes of class today. All activities past 5 o'clock in the university were called off on account of the mass for the martyrs (today's the 15th anniversary).

The university, when I arrived, was literally empty. Of course, all students had taken advantage of this date, to go home (or anywhere else) early. It saddened me. It's sad when people don't give a fuck.

My friend Victor looked very handsome today, he was dressed like a Beatle. He was all dressed up because he was going to perform in the mass. He'd play guitar. A few guitar players, a violinist, JC playing the bass guitar, and the choir of the university were to sing. Choir...which meant Joe would be there, too.

He was, and I just wanted to stare at him the whole time. I mean, I did pay attention to what the priest was saying (yay for social awareness), but every once in a while I'd look his way, and look away fearing he'd look back. He's handsome, seriously. At the end of the mass we were nearby (I was talking to Victor). I decided to stare at him because I wanted to say hi, and you know how funny it is when you feel somebody's eyes on you and automatically lift your head to look for them. It only took him half a second to feel my eyes on him, and so he lifted his head and looked at me. We smiled and waved at each other.

And everytime I'd see him I'd go "ouch". My heart hurts in a funny way. Whenever I looked at him, it was like somebody punched my right ventricle. I'd never felt like that for anybody. I've felt for many guys, in many ways, including the heart-punching...but I feel for him in a different way. Let's leave this for some other day, shall we?

Joseph didn't show up today, either. Not because I explained to him that I wasn't going to be able to see him (yesterday and today), but because he's sick, he's got the flu. How convenient, seriously. He needs to rest, and I needed time to spend it on my exposition yesterday, and on the mass today.

Oh, oh. My book will be in my hands on thursday. That day I'll have 1,000 copies of it, much more than I ever wanted...I hope I can sell all those copies, I don't have enough space in my bedroom (and anywhere in the house, for that matter). I'm starting to write the second one, already...I'm not in a hurry, it's just flowing. I'll probably throw away the idea in a couple of days, but I need to take everything out on paper.

Alright, I'll go back to work now. Not.

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