"You're the one I've been looking for" and other silly happenings.
Wednesday, 11/17/04 - 9:35 pm.

Today's the 6th month anniversary for Joseph and me...and he's got the flu. I called him after my guitar lesson, to check on him, and he was way worse than yesterday.

So I went to have lunch by myself, at Burger King. I sat almost in front of the TV, but it was on mute, and since the place was crowded, I wouldn't have heard a damn thing anyway. Not that it mattered, I was watching as told as Ginger, and all I really did was make my own assumptions about the lice and their friends (the name of the episode was something along those lines). It was almost like writing a book. Cartoons are funnier when they have no sound.

Ok, ok. That was at noon. Before that, I had my guitar lesson at 11:30. I was in the university since 10 o'clock, so I worked on an essay for a while. And when I got bored, I drew something that I ended up calling "toaster". Now that the drawing has a name, I'm not able to throw it away...it might be my gift to Joseph, for our anniversary.

Onto the lesson...Joe taught us a lot, but as usual I only learned half of it. I did ask him to help me play the chorus of Aerosmith's last child. He couldn't really figure out the tabs, so I'll take the CD on friday (my next class). You know what else? He's going to give me a CD with Eric Clapton's music. Isn't he dreamy? (I'm being sarcastic...but not entirely).

He had a few pages for us but we needed to photocopy them. So after class, Joe, three classmates and I went to get the photocopies, outside the campus (one entrance is on the corner, at the end of a street, and it's surrounded by places where you can get photocopies and such student-wise stuff).

On our way back to the campus (just a few feet away), I saw the Paul McCartney look-alike. My dream came true, I always wanted to show him to Joe. So I turned around to him (he was coming behind me), as the other pupils were saying goodbye. Look at that guy, he looks like Paul McCartney!, I whispered. He looked around, and he wouldn't spot him. "He's behind you", "the guy in the blue shirt"...I gave him all kinds of signs and he just wouldn't turn around 90�. But he finally saw him. Yes, he does...but Paul McCartney in his Let It Be days. THANK YOU! That's what I've been trying to say to the whole world. No wonder why I like the boy.

(because, as a matter of fact, I do like him, don't believe me when I get all rational: "nah, I don't, really"...I like him, and maybe a little more than that)

- Me: There's Paul McCartney, there's a professor who looks like John Lennon, and there's a student who looks like Dhani Harrison, which is the equivalent of saying he looks like George Harrison...
- Him: yes, they [George and Dhani] are identical! [see why I love him?!]
- Me: ...I'm only missing a Ringo Starr, so if you ever spot a look-alike, let me know.
- Him: I've been told I look like him...

And he brushed his hair down, like a mop-top. GOD!...he DOES look like Ringo Starr in the good old days, only his nose isn't THAT big. You're the one I've been looking for!, I said, realizing later that it was probably my unconscious talking...and certainly not about his Beatlesque look-alikeness.

*sigh* Onward...

I had almost two hours to kill before Victor and Irene meet up with me for an appointment with the psychometrics professor. I'd taken for granted Joseph would show up today, so I didn't take any material to read.

I went to the woods, sat on the grass and started to write. I wrote and wrote, and, in spite of me, I loved some parts. I wrote for two hours, and I ended up with 6 pages of a story that's been on my mind lately.

The rest of the day was classes and laughing with my friends. That included listening to Victoria's story, about a guy, a friend of a friend, who contacted her through Hi5. It hits me that he paid attention to the fact that she was a "God follower". He probably found that sexy. Anyway, I hope it's somebody nice for her. I wanted her to hook up with a guy she calls "angel", because she finds him everywhere AND studies psychology (supposedly, angels are always near you). He's quite handsome and sings in the choir (yes, with Joe). He seems to be a good catch, too.

There's this girl, Lourdes, who's a friend of Victor's, yes? I saw her today. She played guitar with me last week.

- Her: hey, did you play today?
- Me: You mean my guitar lesson? Yes...
- Her: you know, I LOVE your instructor. He's my platonic love.
- Her friend: soooo, when you're with him and she's around, hook them up.
- Me: sure, ok.
- Her: you're so cute. But don't tell anybody, only you and him know...I mean, I think he suspects something.

I don't know what to say about that. I considered it silly, in a cute way. I imagined them together...the first thing that came to mind is that they're both very talented with the guitar. I got a little...not sad, not upset...I saw it coming. It had to happen. You know, like Paul McCartney getting married. It had to happen one day, and not with me.

George Harrison's line of I don't want you / but I'd hate to lose you fits perfectly.

On my way home three cars have crashed. Nothing big, it was just slowing down the traffic. The funny thing is that only ten feet away a car had broken down, on the same lane (right in front of a semaphore) which slowed down the traffic even more. It was a Kodak moment, leaving out the annoyance of all drivers.

And then my brother and I came home, my parents were out. Lord, a hen, my brother said. I went "what the fuck?". Indeed, there's a hen in our yard. How Frog, my dog, hasn't noticed, would be beyond my comprehension, but have in mind she's inmensely dumb.

Ok, I don't want that thing here! Why? BECAUSE THEY'LL CUT HER HEAD OFF AND WE'LL EAT HER!!!! I know humans. They're always doing that shit. I'll end up eating her, because she'll be dead by then, but if it was up to me, I wouldn't kill her. That's just sick, there isn't any real difference between killing a hen and a human being.

Ugh. Good night.

Oh, fucking hell. I just realized I said I love Joe, in one of those paragraphs above. Somebody help me keep my Ego from splitting.

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