The point is he waited for me.
Friday, 11/19/04 - 10:00 pm.

How about I make it short today? Guitar lesson, lunch with Joseph, time with Joseph, classes, being with friends, happy feedback about my book.

The end.

Well, there's something I'd like to elaborate a little more (because it's my diary, you know?) and that's my guitar lesson.

Today I took my mini Ninja Turtle action figure. I was playing with it before the lesson, wehen a guy that's taking the lessons with me arrived and sat next to me. That's so cute!, he said, and so we talked about our childhood memories related to the Ninja Turtles. He looks like a Ninja Turtle, too. No, really.

Anyway, I'd taken an Aerosmith CD (rocks) so Joe could help me figure out a certain part. I sat at the back of the guitar room, but Joe said: *my name*, looks like you're hiding over there, come over we can listen to the song.

He couldn't figure out the song (last child), I think the tab was wrong. He tried and tried, but no luck. Sorry I couldn't help you, he said, finally.

At the end of the class he played Queen's the millionarie waltz for us. He's a Queen freak, "listen to this part! listen to the voices! beautiful!". I really liked the song, though, so when we were leaving the guitar room I told him I'd download it.

- Him: I have the CD here, you can take it.
- Me: it's ok, I'll download it.
- Him: "I don't want your CD"
- Me: what?
- Him: "I don't want your CD, you couldn't even figure out a guitar tab".

I think he was really feeling a little bad for not "helping" me with the song. I wanted to tell him it wasn't such a big deal.

Everybody was leaving when I started talking to JC (I'm tired of giving explanations of who he is, even I don't know, I just know he's a very talented musician). He's a huge Beatles fan, too, and since he was my guitar instructor last semester, we always have things to talk about.

When I finished, I turned around and saw Joe standing nearby, with another pupil (the girl who's his classmate and I thought they had a "thing" going on). I was going to say goodbye to them, but Joe -and the girl- started to walk next to me, and I realized he'd been actually waiting for me.

He had choir rehearsal, and the choir was meeting at the university church...which is next to the building where the guitar room is. So we talked, I don't even remember about what...guitar playing, I guess, because he pat me on the arm saying I wasn't, when I said I was a failure with the guitar. The girl said goodbye and left, and we kept talking about music and guitar playing.

And now I'm listening to the waltz, which is making me think of him far more than I should. There's going to be a Pink Floyd tribute tomorrow in my university, and I bet he's going to be there. But I can't go. I'm going to a bachelorette party tomorrow afternoon. Irene's sister is getting married in december, I think I've said that.

Well, fuck. I am in love with Joseph (if I had any doubt, it was cleared today). But the problem is that I, um...may be falling in love with Joe, too (and Angel pointed that out). Oh. Haha. How funny. Not.

You see, he gives me funny right now, I wish I could talk to him, to ask him if he's ever listened to The Traveling Wilburys. Such small things. I guess it's that thing people call "want to get to know that person better".

I won't see him in months (four, five) after next week. I'm pretty sure I won't have his e-mail (he gave it to us once in class, but that didn't count) no contact whatsoever. It's good, because then maybe I'll get over him. It's bad because...I don't want to lose touch with him. Simple.

Something funny happened before my guitar lesson. First, let me remind you of Lourdes. My friend's Victor's friend, who confessed to me she had a thing for my "guitar instructor", Joe.

So I was sitting outside the guitar room, playing with Leonardo, behind a car. I knew Joe was already in there (in the room). I heard Lourdes approaching, and another girl saying he doesn't like to be followed. She did something, I don't know what it was, and then I heard her say OHMYGOD, HE WAS THERE! HOW EMBARRASING!...I'll pretend I'm here to talk to *some random person*. Then she noticed I was around. Hi...guitar lesson today?, I smiled and nodded, and she smiled back, knowing I knew.

Now, yes: the end.

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