My book is here, but I honestly just want to sleep.
Monday, 11/22/04 - 10:29 pm.

I've walked around campus for about three hours today. Among other things, to go with Joseph to the cafeteria so he could get some money (he did, he's such a bussinessman), then to see if he was accepted in the university (he was, he's officially a psychology student now). I also tried to (TRIED TO) talk to a professor, and I went to the library with Victor.

I went to the university bookstore as well, because my dad wanted me to get him this month's issue of the university magazine. What a lovely place that bookstore is, it's a shame they don't have couches to sit on, though.

I have an awful headache and I'm falling asleep. My books arrived this afternoon, so I'm doing a lot of signing for relatives and friends. I'm tired, I've had a tough day at the university, and the last thing I need is my dad getting all bitchy about being "serious" with my book. Listen, I don't have to be serious. I can write "to my uncle" if I damn please.

As soon as I got home he started to tell me things, do this like this, you do that like that...I just want to sleep. I went to bed at 2 am today, because I was inspired to write, and I wrote. I woke up at 7:30, and I've been walking around all day. I'm tired. There's just no room in my psyche for any thrill. I still have three long assignments before the week finishes.

I'm tired, goodbye.

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