Book-selling, Leonardo drawing, marihuana paper and the possibility of being an instructor.
Wednesday, 11/24/04 - 9:36 pm.

I sold my first two books today, to Maria, my brother's (sadly) ex-girlfriend. She'd been waiting impatiently for it, and I went to her office (she works in my university, too) before my guitar lesson. We caught up on each other's life, and I'm glad to see she goes on with her life, even though she isn't the happiest person in the world right now. It was sad saying goodbye to her, because I don't know when I'll see her again.

One of the guitar pupils gave me a huge drawing of Leonardo, because we'd been talking about the ninja turtles last week. He's very good at drawing, I discovered. We get along quite alright, so I hope we can keep seeing each other after the guitar course is over (this friday). I'm thinking of giving him my e-mail, because he wants us (him, his friend and me) to get together one day and play, some sort of jamming session.

The guitar lesson was ok. It's only one more left. When I walked into the guitar room, I had no feelings for Joe whatsoever. I've realized they grow as time passes in class, so when I walk out an hour later, I leave with feelings for him.

He lent me a book on how to play the blues, and I promised him to give him a CD with The Traveling Wilburys music. He mentioned that today was Freddie Mercury's anniversary of his death, and I said George Harrison's was coming up, too. So we went on tangents, talking about the my sweet lord lawsuit and the concert in his memory.

I met someone strange today. I was waiting for Joseph after the guitar lesson, and this strange-looking man came up to me: excuse for being so bold, but I couldn't help noticing your wristband...I have one myself, and he showed me a wristband that said "fila".

Honestly, he freaked me out at first. He kept saying he loved my wardrobe, and that it fit me...and he kept calling me babe. He said he was an 80s man, "a hippy", born in 1969, and he used to live in San Francisco, but he was expeled from the USA because he was causing some "riot in a gas station", but he had a daughter with an american woman, a beautiful girl. He offered me a rose, do you like roses? I'd give you a yellow one, because all colors mean something, and it wouldn't be appropiate if I gave you a red one, and he also asked me if I wanted a coke.

It took me a couple of minutes to realize he was a good man (and he wasn't hitting on me). We talked about how fucked up this country is, I know what you mean, I'm quick at getting it, you see? Yeah, I like the way you think. I didn't really talked a lot, because as you may have noticed, his thoughts are all over the place. But he's an odd addition to my socia network, after all.

Joseph arrived, and they met. They got along very well, and the strange man gave Joseph a pack of that paper you use to make marihuana cigarretes. I wasn't freaked out anymore. I don't smoke, and Joseph doesn't do drugs. But it was always a funny gift.

I visited my psychometrics professor, because she'll be in charge of the subject introduction to psychology next year, and I want to be an instructor. So she'll nominate me so I can be her instructor.

There have to be at least three instructors, because the class is huge (100+ students), all newcomers. It kind of scares me, because that means I'd be in charge of laboratories every two weeks, and sometimes I'd have to read things for all the class...but I'm really looking forward to this experience.

I turned in my psychodinamics essay today, almost three weeks in advance. My professor said it was ok, he rules. We're talking about latinamerican psychodinamics, focusing on social traumas caused by dictatorships and State Terrorism and fear. I just hate that this there are only like three classes left. There should be a subject dedicated just to all that.

Well, fuck. My dad just told me my book will be "presented" on december 9th, at some little restaurant/bookstore. I wanted to say "no, thanks", but it's all set. I guess some publicity wouldn't do any harm. How embarrasing...but you're cordially invited, anyway, to see me being the loser I am in front of a real audience.

I have to work on a paper for tomorrow. Entertaining. Not.

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