Today, the next three days and letters to the editors.
Sunday, 11/28/04 - 8:42 pm.

Today I finished reading The Godfather (I loved it), had my friends Victoria, Irene and Victor over to study psychodinamics and I ate pizza for dinner. Norman came over to give me the tickets for his big debut onstage...he's a dancer now. Oh, and my aunt bought four copies of my books.

This week is going to be overwhelmingly busy. I have to be at 10 am in the university tomorrow, to attend a conference about Martin-Baro's work (he's one of the people I admire the most). I have conferences from 10 to 12 and from 3 to 5. And that'll go on until wednesday, when I also have to turn in my huge psychometrics research, meet up with my friend-former high school teacher Mingo for coffee (who'll buy a copy of my book) and take the psychodinamics final.

Only three more weeks before I leave for Houston, and that's the last thing on my mind. I just have no time. But I'd better start with the shopping- I've decided to buy here the christmas presents for my family in Texas (brothers, sister in law, nephew and niece)'s just easier, and I can get them things that aren't found there. But I'll put myself on that around next weekend. Oh, well with the christmas cards I need to mail.

I haven't heard from Joseph today. Yeah, whatever. He's probably thinking he doesn't have to call me...which may be true. I'm thinking that our personalities will end up tearing apart the relationship, eventually.

Tomorrow my dad will send out copies of my book to a few people, who are in charge of certain sections of the newspapers. I wrote a small letter to them (my dad did, I mean) and I almost laughed when he said "your honorable newspaper". We know there's nothing honorable about those newspapers, they're nasty and very biased. But I guess I'll have to play their game for a while, if I want them to play mine (there's a story I'm pretty sure would get me banned if it reaches the hands of the owners of the newspapers).

I have to go to bed early, I have to leave the house at 8 am. Bye, or something.

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