One answer-less question.
Saturday, 02/02/02 - 11:14 pm.

Celina, Adriana and Mars came over and we studied our ass off. Tomorrow Veronica may come, too. And I'm also trying to reach Carmen and ask her if she wants to study with me on monday.

Inviting Veronica? Calling up Carmen? All that by self-initiative? Something must be wrong with me.

That was pretty much my day. Yeeeeeeeh, I also thought of the guy, I hate to admit it. I think, I *think* I had another dream with him last night....shit, knock it off, already, stupid self. Get the fuck over it.

Maybe I'm just sad, a bit afraid....he's having the Junior High spiritual retirement on'll last two days, like last year, when I met him and I fell in love with him. I'm so afraid he'll do what he did to me last year to some other girl, he might get laid with her, as well. I mean, I don't speak for the girl, I speak for myself....he'll find another girl and off I go, flushed down the toilet...a headline of yesterday's news. What am I gonna do?.......*sigh*. Bear with it, what else's to do, huh?

Don't you find it stupid when you ask yourself questions and inmediately you answer them? Yeah, it's quite stupid.

But hey, I don't have the answer to the last question, so go me. I don't know what else's to do, really. I mean, nothing that could make sense. "Bear with it" it's the sanest answer I could come up with.

Simeon will get another fan soon. Hector, Senior High principal will read Hamlet (simeonistic version, of course). I read it today and I just can't fuckin' believe we came up with that shit. I love Simeon. You gotta love him.

It'll be february 14th soon. Quoting Steven....oh-ho-ho, shit. What a stupid holiday. On Clarissa explains it all, she said that love and lovers look so stupid and disgusting when you're not the one in love. Ugh, who wants to be in love, anyway? I mean, I'm not, so it's definitely happening what Clarissa said. Yeeeeeeh, I know, the guy. I love him. But that's different. I have to hate him once in a while, to avoid loving him that much. I mean, what's the point of loving him? He doesn't love me back. So...whatever.

Sheyeah, such a strong statement...."whatever" *Simeon rolls eyes*

I'll go now, I'm talking to a couple of friends of mine online. Two, but hell...I tend to choose quality over quantity...that's why I love one band, and one band only (shameless, free publicity...hey, they do deserve it, ok?)

Aerosmith to rule it all.

Oh, it's 02/02/02. It won't happen again. That makes me develop some pointless conclusions. But I'm sleepy *Simeon tenderly yawns*. I'll go to bed. I hope I'll dream something neat. I never have nightmares though. Just bad dreams...I've had only two nightmares in my whole life. The rest are just "bad dreams".

Dream on, dream until your dreams come true.

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