The wrong spot.
Thursday, 02/07/02 - 9:49 pm.

What happened this evening made me forget what I was originally going to talk about.

Well, quick fill-in before I start: had a good day, saw the guy, thought that to get over him I'll need "another" guy, had lunch with Fidel, Vero said she was going to "kidnap" me tomorrow...normal day. I love it. I met Head's girlfriend...she's so lovely!!!!! I can't believe she wanted to meet me, because of my cartoons! *tear in left eye*. I also spent some time with Naida, Fidel's "daughter" (pretty much). She's so like me. She's in Junior High.

And tomorrow I get to go to school wearing whatever I want, no uniform. And I also have the meeting for the graphic design commission and for everyone else who wants to pick the mascot (pick mine, pick mine! *Simeon crosses fingers and toes*). Tomorrow is room's D....uh, I don't know...we'll play games, spend some time with our classmates, get to know them better...some kind of "coexistence" throughout the whole morning.

*sigh*...ok, what happened this afternoon and evening....

I was dismissed at 4:00. There was a parent meeting at 5:30, so parental units decided that they'd leave me hanging in the parking lot until the meeting was over (about 6:45). I realized that until 4:30, since they hadn't picked me up yet. It really wasn't bad at all. Melvin had the same problem, and so did other people. So we all got together. Basically, Melvin and I were together from 4:30 until 6:45. The rest of people would come around and go around. Her sister was with us, too. She looks like a young Mia Tyler...big lips, cute eyes, kind of chubby, but really pretty. She does ressemble her brother. Only he's not chubby. Boy, does that kid have a body.

He wants to be a pediatrician, so we talked a lot about scholarships. He said something really sweet...that he'd go to one of those shows that make your dreams come true, so he can study in a foreign country and he said he'd say hi to me "live". Later on, something really weird got into him and started acting like a bodyguard: he got some guys to cover me, and so he did, trying to "protect me". Awwww. Well, the thing is, we talked a lot. And his sister was there with us the whole time. She spent a lot of time asking me about who Melvin's girl was. She even asked me if it was me (no, of course not).

While we were talking, he told me about him and his "adventures" with girls, during the camp trip. I'd just laugh. It's funny and sweet that he tells me that, it's great how he trusts me. He also said he was going after a girl named Alexandra, from Junior high.

Ok, so it was getting late. It was about 6:10, we'd been together (along with his sister -who was getting her way between him and me-.) for quite some time. There was no one else with us, everybody had already left. We went down to the parking lot. The school was so dark by then. We got to his car and he took out a newspaper. We read some stuff but I told him he'd fuck up his eyes (there was practically no light, we could barely see each other). Then I said I was going to go look for my car (it was about 6:25) and he (yes, with his sister) walked me. Just for a few steps, because by then, parents were coming out of the auditorium. So I kissed his sister good-bye and I was going to kiss him good-bye...yes, we did. He kissed me and I swear to God I felt his lips. Not on mine, but I felt his touched mine slightly. It was a bit lower than that.

So here I go, onto another conflict. I still feel that "spot" his lips touched, I still see him coming close to me...way too close. And in front of his sister and aunt. But nah, he just aimed bad. He was going to kiss me in the cheek, like I was..... There's quite some distance between the cheek and the chin, some-fuckin'-thing keeps telling me. No, no, no. I'm wrong. I'm always wrong. It was an accident. He likes Alexandra. But Rene told me Melvin'd said he liked me. But he's always with other girls, he's always telling me his "little adventures", I'm the friend who listens to the crazy stuff he does. He treats me so sweet. Again, so he does to every other girl. We don't see each other often this year (because we're in different classrooms)...I can't be, it just can't be. It's not true. I'm wrong.

I just find weird how everytime....I don't know how to put it. Like the other day, when I was alone in the hall, wishing for someone to come and brighten my day, he suddenly came from behind and covered my eyes...then, today, I thought I'd need "another" guy to forget about The Guy. And this happens. But hey, I had thought of someone who'd love me back, not go again in the same "he seems to like me, I love him, he doesn't love me back" circle. I've always tried to see Melvin as a good friend of mine, not anything beyond that. I was doing so damn good, until he aimed to the wrong spot.

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