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Sunday, 02/10/02 - 6:14 pm.

Sundays are boring. And on a day like this, I don't wish anybody to live in this country. It's hot as hell. I even took a nap...I never take naps, because when I wake up I need to take another one and so on. Then at 3:00 a.m. I'm hitting my head against the wall, blaming myself for taking several long naps. I hate it when that happens. I get desperate if I can't sleep at night.

I find 3:00 a.m. the useless hour of the day (I'm talking the 24 hours, not just the 12-hour "day"). It's too late to go to sleep, but it's too early to be awake.

Like I was saying, I hate sundays. Most of them. It's a boring atmosphere. I always get the feeling I've had no "day so far" on sundays. I have no clue what I've been doing this whole day, and I certainly don't care. Here goes another wasted day in my life...isn't it sad, Simeon? *Simeon snores*........Shit, I'm fuckin' melting here. DAMN WORLD AND ITS FUCKED UP ECOLOGY!!!!!

I finally found certain HTML codes. Therefore, I've been working on my rings page. Shyeah, as if you cared.

I finished the drawing for the Society remainers. I must say...I'm impressed. It sucks with elegance. I know they'll like it, at least the bad-ass attitude of the parrot, holding a cigarrette between his teeth, aiming for the 8 ball, with a glass of beer on the stained pool table. Yes, I know...parrots do not have teeth. But hey, this is my dimension and they certainly do. Anyway, I did only one drawing, so the rest of the mass will have to either:

a) photocopy it.

b) Pay me -10, 15, 25 cents, depending...- for another one, the same style or original (hey, they're paying for the materials, the valuable time I could spend in something more productive, the goodness of my heart and they're helping with a good cause: my personal "I want to meet Aerosmith, dammit!" fund).

[whoo-hooooo, the sun is coming down!]

These guys -according to Celina, since Arturo, her boyfriend belongs to that group-, spend (I'd say waste) about $200 every month, in bus fare, pool tables, cigarrettes and beer. $200 is by far, more than a minimun salary (have in mind that this is a third world country). The only money I spend during the month (unless I have to buy a pencil or some other tiny instrument) is my lunch at school..and that's when I have to stay in school for afternoon periods. What I buy it's about $1. I may buy some snack during recess, and that's less than 25 cents. And I am one happy individual.

The movies? I don't need to go to the movies, I make cartoons. IF I do go to the movies, dad gives me money, out of the goodness of his heart (dad knows I don't go out - self-conviction, FYI -). Either that or I'm invited. Most likely the second. OR, my brother rents movies to watch them at home.

Ok, this gratiutous sample of my...what? Uh, my monetary life....was sponsored by The Little Cow.

Ok, so they'll pay for the drawing. It's like the drug dealers...pass some free, let them hanging and they'll come back for more, willing to pay whatever it takes. Ok, now that's something my bro' Renan would call a "rat behavior", I'm so shameless. Well, it's not that bad, my "products" are not as good as drugs. Yo, wait...I'm not saying that drugs are good, but when you take them, quoting my dear Joe Perry, it's "like gods' breath", at least for the time you're, screw it, the point is, you can't compare drug traffic with polemic, clandestine drawings of the "class of 2002" mascot. The same idea, but not on the same level.

I'll put a disclaimer on my drawing: I do not necessarily reflect my opinions on that drawings. Art has one important duty, which is bring to the public attention any given social issue which existence cannot be denied and needs to be taken care of in the spotlight. I'm reflecting the decrepit state of the teenagers of the actual society. Does that makes sense? I sound like a nerd...but you get the point. I'm not sure if I should make it public, though. I've got my principles.

Sometimes I feel my life is like the lyrics to No Surprize, and to Lick And A Promise. They're both about wanting something so bad...kind of.

Now I'll go and see the nest in my garden. Yes, there is one, and the eggs hatched two days ago. Aaawww, life is so precious *tear in left eye*. (I don't even sound like a teenager..."life is so precious", whathefuckisthat?...I think I'm supposed to say "life sucks"...teenagers suck. I rock). I'll also make another drawing fo the parrot.

Candy store, rock & roll, corporation Jellyroll, play the singles, it ain't me, it's programmed insanity, You ASCAP, If BMI could ever make a mountain fly, if japanese can boil teas, then where the fuck's my royalties.... (Aerosmith - "No Surprize").

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