The randomness of a straight day.
Wednesday, 02/13/02 - 8:37 pm.

Shit, I'm so late and way behind schedule. I was planning on work on my assignments for next week, but I'm horribly stuck with the ones that are for this week. The problem is, next week I have exams and no fuckin' way I'll be able to work on anything else. Math is on monday and I can picture myself the whole weekend studying my ass off. Not to mention, all those Commission meetings that suck my little spare time, like the one today. I got home at 5:30, now that I'm not in conditions of losing time (despite that, I'm writing an useless entry, go me!).

My day started out running back and forth, looking for Rodolfo, because I had to give him a message from Norman (he's out of the country right now). We had our Ash Wednesday celebration. I love going to mass at school, it's such a...uh, feeling. It's the whole atmosphere, the choir, the people, the way, the guy sang in the choir. I ran into him several times during the day, too. I know he saw me, but I pretended I didn't see him (but, boy did I notice him...). I was doing so well so far....

Like I said, we had the Graphic Design Meeting this afternoon. The whole meeting was just about getting organized for St. Joseph's Day (march 19th), we have to decorate the middle and high school zone. Veronica got elected as the coordinator of this sub-commission ("decoration for march 19th"). Us (Carmen, Phil and I), the Graphic Design Commission, were just the guides to get the members of the sub-commission organized. Does it sound complicated? It kind of is.

Anyway, Veronica cried, because there was this girl, the bitch, and her group that were talking behind her back, because she got elected and they did not (lo-sers, no one really likes them). They're such a pain in the ass. I sneaked in the Central Commission meeting during lunch, too (everybody who's not in it, believes I'm a member). Poor kids, they're drowned in responsability. Anyway, I found out that everybody is going for my design for the mascot. I think I can say I've succeeded. My design made it (*standing ovation*). Art said today: thanks for counting us in, refering to the drawing I made for them. They said that no one else would have made it. Several people from The Society had thanked me for doing that drawing. Aaawwww...Yeah, sympathy. That's very important. You've got to make people love you.

Oh, well. Valentine's Day is tomorrow. Luckily, I'm way too busy to wish for something stupid. I did make some cards for some of my friends (yo, I do have friends). Just little cards. I don't think...uh, nevermind. Valentine's Day is the second Christmas. Chri$tma$ and Valentine'$ Day, it's all the same now, it's all about giving...*buying* something to give to that someone. I just did some hand-writing and that's all. Screw chocolates and dolls and all those lame things (but honestly, I wish I'd receive something that lame...). I'll stop that subject before I get in a stupid mood.

I'd better go. I need some room to breath and I need to stop thinking of that stupid holiday. To erase that subject, I'll say that my voice turned silent (yes, I had a silent voice) this afternoon and I'm not quite sure why. *Simeon asks....and your point is......?* *crickets chriping*).

Yo, yo, is the first anniversary of the second earthquake of last year (as you might *not* know, last year there were two earthquakes, january 13th -saturday- and february 13th -tuesday-). Today, last year, at 8:25 a.m., I was sitting with Norman in a little wall, near the Senior Hall and we were talking to Gabriel, our (last year) social studies teacher. The earth started shaking and Norman and I just remained seated. I wasn't horrified, but it was weird to see building move back and forth, like made out of matches. The best story of that day (well, a *good* story from that day), is that Victor, our math teacher, ran out of the classroom as soon as the ground started shaking, leaving everybody in...then he got in again and screamed...GET OUT, KIDS!!!!!!!...oh, shit. It's the one time I wished I had been in math period.

Reconstruction of buildings after second earthquake: $25 million.
Therapy with a good shrink to treat the trauma: $400.
Seeing your math teacher running out of the classroom like a chicken: priceless.

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