1st-Degree Burnings for Dummies
Saturday, 02/16/02 - 8:06 pm.

I studied math the whole afternoon with Mars, Norman and Celina, it was great. We set up some kind of bar in the garden, with Coca Cola, Diet Coca Cola, water and cookies. We wound up talking about our school years, when we got tired of studying. Lovely day, I'd say.

Well, it took me ages to write this short "e-paragragh"...You see, I burned my left hand a few hours ago. I splashed myself with boiling water, *hahaha*, I'm so dumb. It's kind of funny though. I find some weird fun in feeling pain. No, I'm not a masochist nor jackass, I don't have the "opportunity" to get hurt so often (not that I'm complaining) and when I do, I analyze it and go: why, God?.......why?. Either emotional or physical pain.

Shit, The Three Stooges are on!!! Quoting the almighty Steven Tyler: Let's get out of here.

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