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Thursday, 02/21/02 - 9:49 pm.

Well, today it was way better than yesterday. It wasn't oh-so-happy, but it wasn't oh-so-depressive. I talked to a couple of friends last night and oh, joy. I felt better. Plus, having Victor behind me in the classroom makes me laugh. Shit, he acts like a gay boy (I have nothing against gay people, I'm saying this in a surprised way, he does have balls to act that way). He's always acting like one, throwing kisses at his friend, calling him "daddy", talking about how he wants's unreal (well, quite real). It's kind of funny, lately I've been thinking of getting a gay friend myself. There I have it, a sample right behind me....Vicky. Shit, he's so damn crazy....truly hilarious.

Today I learned why people die. I found the true meaning of death to human beings. Human beings die because they eventually get worn out, physically speaking. So, the reason we die it's purely aesthetic. We die because we stop being beautiful to the eye. We believe that ugly things are worhtless.

I don't know if that's true, I'm just kidding. I came up with that after seeing the pic of an old man in our Social Studies book. He looked so old and worn out that I thought death was doing us a favor by taking us with it when we start looking all worn out. I'm so lame.

Sit down....(duh)...MY MASCOT WON!!!!!! THERE YOU GO, YOU FUCKIN' TRAVESTY SKELETON, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU!!! I've been told ("extraoficially" though) that Phil's logo won, too. Oh, God, that'd be great. His logo and my parrot won. Some people said that they'd choose mine, not just because it was mine, but because it was the best. Even Carmen said so...I'm voting for yours...not because you're my friend, but because it's the most outstanding. Ok. Cool. I'm waiting for the "official" results though. Supposedly, only Phil, Carmen and Rodolfo know the results. Fidel was there while they were counting and that's how I found out mine won, he told me. But I didn't tell Carmen I knew already. She also said: thank you for not stalking and asking me about the results, it's pretty annoying, everybody has been asking me, they don't understand it's confidential, dammit. I really wasn't planning to ask her, even if Fidel hadn't told me. But I'm glad mine made it.

Incinerate yourself, bitch.

Something fun happened today, when I was waiting for my dad to pick me up at school. There's this boy, from The Society, who owns a Jeep. He always gives the rest of his gang a ride to the pool hall (they play pool, drink, and smoke, you know the drill). Anyway, today he, Art and another boy from that gang, were riding in it, and they looked, excuse me for sounding cheap, so hot. Because I have to admit it, they're kind of handsome. Anyway, they looked at us (I was with Mars and another friend, Priscila) and threw us a kiss and did some flirty moves from the car...we just craked up. It looked funny and sweet. It's kind of funny...when someone you know is riding a car, that person does greet everybody.

Speaking of greetings, the guy and I have been greeting each other lately. My paranoid side goes: maybe he's finally noticing what he's missing.... Fuck...shyeah, right. I don't know what's gotten into him, but it's nice that at least we wave at each other once in a while (write it down, it's not like it's happening all the time). Like yesterday, I was just dismissed and I turned my head to the Junior hall...there he was, walking to his classroom, but I knew he was just waiting for me to turn my head to him because he already had his hand on his forehead, ready to "salute" me, by the time I turned it. Awww...sweet. He called today....I think there was no porpuse in his call though. Just a brief description of how we both are going through our exam week and a "good luck" message. I've been seeing him talking to girls...shyeah, big deal...and I still feel jealous, it's like: hey, bitch, get away from my boy. I'm so....lame.

Maybe I was going to say something else...I'm sleepy and I can't wait to be done with the exams. Oh, shit. I'm staying tomorrow in the afternoon to talk about my Social Service with Carla. I'll be a member of the Pastoral Group, I'll work helping with shit around school. I'm not thrilled, but coming from a Jesuit school...Epur se, wait...I'm thinking of another person. There is a phrase in some language that means we have to do our best, towards our fellows...the maxis (no, not like The Sims), or something...shit, I forgot it. My bad.

This is a potential world catastrophe.

I'm shutting myself off for now. *Simeon claps and the clapper turns off*.

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