Have your threesome, I'll do it by myself.
Sunday, 02/24/02 - 5:59 pm.

Reading today's newspaper, I came accross with the sad news: Chuck Jones is now with Elvis. Bless his soul. I almost started to cry, I don't know exactly why. It's not like I have a lot of Looney Toons memorabilia or anything but something hit me way deep inside. The man was a genius. He still is. He'll always be. He kicked some major ass with Bugs and the gang, that's...something I wish. When I die, by the time I die, I hope I've left something among the living ones to keep me alive....wouldn't that rock, Simeon? *Simeon noddles with tears in his eyes*

Well, I'm looking for the song that's left to complete the Aerosmith bootleg Pure Gold .999. It's called Take It Or Leave It #13. Dammit, it's hard to get the right one...I downloaded it and it turned out to be one from some Miles Davis or something. The Strokes have one song with the same name. I'm curious about these guys, they look kind of 70-ish and shit. Damn 4 GB, there's only 1.50 left in my PC. ............."Harley And The Rasta Family"?...."Herman and the Hermits"? who the hell are they?........I got a new Angel's Eye MP3. Sounds much better, specially without the voice of the DJ at the beggining and the radio station jingle at the end. And talk about the lead guitar, dammit

.......So, anyway, I have to get some songs burned on CD to free space in the hard drive to stuff it again with MP3s. The Amazing and Joyous World of a Compaq Presario with Internet Access.

Yesterday Rod and Mars came over to work on our language project. It took us the whole day to finish it, and I was worried, because we had other homeworks...math and social studies. I was done with those by midday, so I had the whole afternoon free. Crappiness. Sunday afternoons are probably my least favorite and my most hated time of the week.

Norm asked me to join him, Rod and Veronica to do the math homework. Oh, no, man, thanks. Have your threesome, I'll do it by myself. I actually didn't answer. He e-mailed me, so I can easily say, sorry, I didn't see your e-mail until it was too late to reply. Technology rocks (particulary today, I'm not thrilled with the idea of being social).

Nine lives, it ain't over
nine lives, live again

I listened to this song today and I thought of the lyrics...I can't quite tell what are they exactly about, but those line in particular sounded like someone trying to get over someone. Hey, that'd be me.

Throughout the whole weekend I've been way too busy to think of the guy. And now that I do....nah, it doesn't affect me at all. But something inside (is that you, Simeon?) tells me that I'll do when I see him with her (whatever her name is) again. I know myself enough to say that it wouldn't surprise me. While I was taking a bath, I thought of hundreds of wise lines about my situation with this guy. Unfortunately, my memory sucks at times.

Aw, I love mornings. Even sunday mornings. The little lapse of time between the time I wake up and 9:00 a.m. I really don't like to wake up late, call me freak. Anyway, I love mornings. It's kind of heart-warming, personally. Like everyday you are born again, only older and maybe, just maybe a little bit wiser, because of what happened yesterday, whatever it was.

*sigh*, think I'm in a happy depression. The kind of depression that makes me laugh because I'm happy for being sad, go figure. Get my point: I have a mixing of feelings.

Another coincidence happened today. Nancy had lost the scissors yesterday. She went nuts looking for them and later on, she found them on Carlos' bed. I lost my eraser today. I went nuts looking for it and later on, I found it on Nancy's bed. Yeah, ok, that's not one hell of a coincidence, it's just that lately I've been through weird shit that makes me go paranoid. Last night, I dreamed of several things that I won't even mention because they're long subjects. The bottom line is that when I woke up, I thought that this dream wouldn't mean anything nor be a premonition. Nah, so far, nothing has happened...except one thing. I dreamed of the tree in our yard falling down on our house, in the middle of the living room. Nothing to worry about, that tree was cut down last year and there's only the trunk left. Today I watched Animaniacs (finally! long time no watch it) and someone cut down a tree and it fell down. Uh, yeah, ok, that doesn't sound so great, excuse my lameness.

I once met a three-year-old girl who didn't pretend she was a princess. She said she was an angel. *Simeon twangs fork*.

I've been feeling pretty strange lately. Like I'm not me. But at the same time, I'm not anyone else. Not that I feel I'm a nobody, I just feel different. When I talk to someone, it's like I'm talking behind a mask, I'm behind a different personality, yet it's always the same.

Ok, this is getting way too weird. I'm going to find something productive to do. Tomorrow....shit, I have to stay after classes to do some language stuff. Da-mmit. I don't feel like talking to people. I wish I was a worm. No, no...I wish I was an anaerobic bacteria. That'd rock.

Whatcha gonna do when the angels come?
Whatcha gonna do when you come undone?
I'm gonna get your kicks from the 911
Get movin', get movin'....

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