was your day?
Wednesday, 02/27/02 - 6:13 pm.

I, I, I....I am so coherent.

Several interesting-not things happened, so I'm afraid this will be the answer to the question (duh, genius) " was your day?" (it hasn't finished, so I won't go giving an average).

First period, language. I'll skip it. Then, I can't remember what it was, but since I can't remember, I'm sure it wasn't anything outrageous.

First recess....uh, I can't remember.

Science period....I'm blank.

Second recess...sorry, I forgot.

Second science period (one of those days...when I have two periods of the same subject...joyous times *Simeon rolls eyes*). No big deal, but...there was a time when apparently the sun was covered by clouds and strangely, everything turned blue to my eyes. I was that second, I hear Victor whispering behind me...Shit, we're in another dimension!. I turned my head to him and said: Fuck, I thought the same!!! and we just laughed. I knew you'd be the only one to notice, he said. Yes, sadly, I was the only one. I said it, people is too distracted to notice they're alive. Three seconds later, everything went back to the normal color. Hey, we're back to our dimension, Victor said. Shit, smoking pot must be divine (I'm not saying I will, but if smoking pot makes you see things that way, I understand...I don't approve, but I understand).

Then, another language period. We showed our project to the class. I'd brought with me a plastic snake and arch and arrows and it all was about the arch. Art and other guys played with it, it looked funny. Not to mention the snake....I'd have broken their little hearts if told them it was real. For the exposition, I made a silhouette in black paper. When my project was over, Art and all of the guys adopted him as the mascot of the classroom. Black dude is posted to the wood wall now.

The last recess....not a clue what I did.

Last period, math. I should be studying for the friday exam.

Then, lunch. I had lunch with Karen, who is one Daria. Not because she is antisocial, it's just she's so serious...and that's what makes her funny. She takes advantage of her label of "serious person" and fools everybody. Plus, her comments...well, she's very special, to say the least. We talked about a lot of stuff. We said that it's a shame that many people is not with us, that although we didn't get along with all of them, we do miss seeing them around. You get used to see people, even if you don't know them. Karen said though that the ones who are left are nice people. This little group that remained is pretty cool. I agreed with her, partially. I still think there were some people who deserved to be with us...Aurora, Elisa, the guy...I miss them awfully. And Head, dammit. I wish he could have graduated with us.

After that, I joined Carmen and we just hung out around the halls. Someone posted in the main hall (a little hall that connects the intersection between Junior and Senior halls with the rest of the's not as confusing as it sounds) a list with all of the names of the 2,035 students of my school, the ESJ. My first name is repeated 3 times. 400 people have at least one name that doesn't repeat, according to the school newspaper. Phillip said that this list makes you feel common. His name repeated several times. Carmen's last name is the one of a kind. Dany was happy because his name was just repeated one time (his, duh). By the way, he lent me his swiss pocket knife. Well, we exchanged. I let him borrow my plastic snake and he gave me his pocket knife (original, "fine") as a guarantee. You'll see, he's hard to trust when it comes to get what you gave him back. I lent him an article on Spider Man, never got it back. Doubt I ever will.

Veronica hugged me a few minutes before I went to class. I was talking to Carmen and Phil and she just hugged me. We remained that way for several minutes, and I felt her heartbeats got faster. Of course, she was crying, big surprise. I didn't even ask her why. I just kept hugging her and trying to make her laugh. I don't know why the hell she always cry when she hugs me that way. I saw her later on, ahd she looked quite happy to me. Well, such is life when you're dead.

I saw Elisa today. I hugged her so hard. She was in the library and I walked in. I stayed with her for some time. I truly miss her. I wish she was with us. While I was with her, the guy walked in and we just waved at each other.

I got a call from him today, by the way. I love it when he doesn't talk about sex. That's what he talked about mostly, but those little times when we change subject are priceless to me. Someone said that "sometimes we love to be loved, sometimes we love for the sake of loving, and sometimes we love because we think we're supposed to love, out of teaching or out of habit". I don't know which category I fall into. I just know I love him.

Shit, I'd better go to study. I don't know why, but things are getting way too tense around here. Sometimes I wish I lived in the attic. Yeah, well, I don't even have an attic, to begin with. Ok, so I wish I had an attic. And now that we're speaking of wishes, I wish I could meet Aerosmith.

Conclusion: Go me forever.

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