One won. Four categories to go.
Wednesday, 02/27/02 - 8:11 pm.

Today was like this (in case you cared *Simeon rolls eyes*).

I had to change my layout for who-knows how long. The images are not showing up and I don't like that little red X. I always thought image templates eventually bring some problems. As much as I hate to change (I loved the WTF cup), I need to. Some aesthetics sense I have, I guess. Maybe you'll find some errors, I'll fix them little by little. I still have to add some other stuff. Yeah, I picked a good time to be changing layout...right in the middle of the week, while a math exam is waiting for me....I'm so lame.

As I'm typing in here, my brother Renan is being mentioned on the radio right fuckin' now. He won a medicine international award. He compited against 700 other investigations. And hell, he won. His investigation will be presented in the 31st Worldwide Congress in New Orleans in april.

I'm so proud of him.

*tear in left eye*

Shit, tonight are the Grammys? Simeon....are the Grammys on tonight?.....fuck. Aerosmith is up to a few awards.

Time to take a bath and wash off old ideas. In with the new.

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