Hey, Smith....they suck. You don't.
Monday, 04/01/02 - 8:08 pm.

I'm so pissed off. FUCKIN' INTERNET CONNECTION!!!! It sucks. It's been fuckin' me up the whole day.

Tomorrow I'm back to school. I wonder where this week went. Geez, look at the date!!!! April?!?!?!?!?! Where the fuck the 195 months I've lived so far have gone?.

*sigh* I don't want to go back to school. The thought of me waking up at 5:00 am again only makes me feel worse than I am...I mean, I feel bad, I'm really, really pissed off at the fuckin' Internet connection right now....when I have enough money, I'll hire someone to build me an extra wall, I'll buy dozens of boxes of glasses and I'll unload all my rage throwing the glasses at the wall.

I missed Steven singing the National Anthem for a baseball game (Toronto versus Boston). Because I don't live in Boston, oh, joy. But I got a picture of him....doesn't he look wonderful, as usual? I've heard he did better than the last time, at the Indi 5000. That was kind of awkward...I didn't like the way he sang, and he was kind of booed because he changed the lyrics.

Remember kids, april 13th is the Official Aerosmith Day. It's true, yo. I'm not making this up. Some Boston mayor said that, back in the early 90's. Ok, it's just a local festivity but then again, is Aerosmith a local band? NO FUCKIN' WAY!!! So let's celebrate, yes? They deserve it.

You have no idea how happy they make me. This morning I...I felt very, very happy. Despite that I didn't want to get up, and I was angry because tomorrow I'm back to school. But they...they just make me happy.

Before I go, I've started a little project. Still working on it, but if you took a look at it, I'd really appreciate it. I still have to work on some stuff, so I won't post the link yet....*Simeon whispers to yours truly* yeah, I know Simeon...this paragraph was pretty stupid. I could've waited until it was done. Oh, well...I'll edit it later.

YOU FUCKIN' FISH FACE!!!!! What a way to start school: Computer science with Ms. Fish Face. She's young, you know. About 6, 7 years older than I am. But still, it's the one class that makes me fall asleep and slip in my chair.

But, Aerosmith fulfills my life. So fuck school.

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