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Tuesday, 04/02/02 - 3:25 pm.


I can always count on Steven Tyler to describe my state of mind.

Actually, I'm not tired. But when you've been slacking off for a week and suddenly you're working your ass off again, it's like you need another week to recover from the first one. And that's another thing that proves you can't make people happy: they'll feel tired whether you give them lack or excess of spare time.

Ok, all cool, though. When I woke up I was definitely struggling for life. But eventually I swallowed the whole thing and went to school. By the second period, I couldn't help smiling. I'm so dumb. I really had no reason to smile. But I did, the whole damn morning. Truth is, I didn't have a reason to be sad, so I have no guilty conscience over smiling like a retarded.

Carmen went to Belize and brought me a Voodoo doll, but it doesn't do anything if you pinch it (thank God, because it's supposed to be me). Very precious: it's about the size of my thumb, made out of rags and sticks of wood, very colorful. But the expression on her face...it's the same expression you give people sometimes...you say weird shit, you know?. Uh, ok.

I feel the need of...having someone. But that someone doesn't exist, so I'll keep craving. I feel somewhat alone, you know. It must be the hormones. The problem is, sometimes when I lack of someone to dream about (because I gave up on him, remember?) I get stuck with Melvin. Today was just one of those damn days. It'll pass though, it always does, after...about 24 hours. I know me. But within those 24 hours, I kind of suffer (no, not in a depressive way). And within those 24 hours, I'm afraid I could get to love him like I've loved...other. But, quoting Cuzco (the Emperor's New Groove): HA!. It doesn't happen. And it won't.

I saw him today, and he can go to hell. He called me yesterday, and it just so happened that Mars, Rod and Norm were coming over and I told him that I had to go.

- Him: Ok, I'll cut it here so you can go to work with your friends.
- Me: k'bye.

Sure, it doesn't sound like anything out of this world. But for me, what an accomplishment. My typical good-bye to him: uh...oook. Are you gonna be home? I'll probably call you later, or one of these days, ok? Good-bye, take care...bye. No, fuck you. Yet when I heard his voice my heart stopped. Like when someone scares you. Like when you've got the hiccups. Like when someone...heck, it just stops. Something punches it. He just called again and...well, I even might stop commenting what we talked, because frankly, there's nothing outrageous about our conversations. Yeah, he tries to talk me into phone sex, but that, and the resolution of the conflict, is old news.

Did you know that when you sneeze your heart stops for a milli-second? That's why they say bless you.....or so they say.

Rolling Stone magazine
There's an Aerosmith timeline/fold-out in the middle of the magazine. It's based on the Icon show, with a timeline of albums and videos. Apparently there's also a new milk ad a couple pages back - Steven breaking rocks in a tight jail uniform. It is issue #894, with Cameron Diaz and two other girls on the cover..

What the hell are you waiting for? Go get it!!!

Plus....probably Girls of Summer will be the first single off their new Greatest Hits album. It'll have another new song, Climbing The Walls...and I'm hoping it'll also have Bad Enough, since it didn't make it to the Spiderman Soundtrack...


DEFAULT- "Blind"
DANNY ELFMAN- "Farewell"
DANNY ELFMAN- "Main Titles"
THE HIVES- "Hate To Say I Told You So"
THEORY OF A DEAD MAN- "Invisible Man"
BLACK LAB- "Learn To Crawl"
MACY GRAY- "My Nutmeg Phantasy"
BLEU- "Somebody Else"
AEROSMITH- "Theme From Spiderman"
PETE YORN- "Undercover"
SUM 41- "What We're All About"
THE STROKES- "When It Started"

Goodness, I won't go to school next friday. Why? I don't know why. They told us not to go. We have period exams from monday to thursday (thank God, last year it was from wednesday to saturday!!!).

The Boredom Show is over.

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