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Saturday, 04/06/02 - 3:36 pm.

A few years ago, there was this Senior whose last name was Chan. The craziest guy I've ever met.

He once pretended to have an epileptic attack in the middle of the library.

I never was friends with him. I knew of him because of his dementia and his genuine talent for drawing. He happens to be an artist.

He heard of my cartoons through Fidel. He borrowed one of my books and I didn't get it back until about four months later. I remember the day he gave it back to me...I was with Fidel, and he approached to me, with the notebook in his hands: YOU are my FUCKIN' idol. The teletubbies parody was just brilliant!!!.

One day, he, of course, graduated. But as a good ESJ former student, he kept coming back. He grew his hair down to his shoulders (something not allowed in school). Sometimes I see him around, with his long hair, carrying his drawings.

He was there yesterday. He was in front of Julio's office, talking to some people. I walked in the office and I sat by the door. Everytime I'd blow to make bubbles, I'd hear his voice going wwwheeeeeee!!! outside the office. When I walked out, he waved "peace and love" to me. I just extended my hand.

On yesterday's afternoon we were having a pastoral meeting for next's saturday Easter celebration. *Simeon puts a sign on yours truly: "proud member of the KR posse (The do-it-all team)"*.

The meeting was over and as I was leaving the room, I ran into him:
- hey, do you still make your, you know...your cartoons?
- Uh-huh, yeah.
- Bring me some on...on the day I come around again, whenever that day is.

He started walking away and I asked him what he wanted them for.

I'll scan them and I'll make a website with them, for you.

As he was walking further and further from me, he yelled: I'M GOING TO MAKE YOU FAMOUS!. And then, he threw his arms up in the air, and in a very cartoon-esque way, a la Dr. Frankestein, I heard him shout: BWHAHAHAHAHAHA.....

It seems he thinks he's surely gonna make us a star.

He scares me.

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