Diagnosis: predisposed lazyness.
Wednesday, 04/10/02 - 7:49 pm.

Last night...or this morning, it rained for the first time this year. Unfortunately, it seems that the good wheather only lasted for a few hours. By the time I was arriving at school, I was melting, these days have been desperately hot. The sky's been very pale, as if it was covered by smog. It looks weird. It has a look that makes you feel hotter.

Maybe it's because of the period exams and that I'm not used to be home until it's evening, but I've become very lethargic during the afternoons. This afternoon I slept for two hours, and I'm looking forward to go to bed. Maybe I'm sick. Maybe I'm just lazy. More than the usual. The thing is, I can't concentrate very well on studying. And the heat of the enviroment makes it worse.

Only tomorrow's exams left and I'll be free. For tomorrow, we're allowed to leave school as soon as we finish our exams but since we have a reunion to prepare ourselves for the spiritual retirement next week, I'll stay until 3:00 pm. It sucks, but I can't come back home and then go back to school. I mean, I could do it, but it's the R factor: it'd be easier if I had a car (I mean R as in car....or if it sounds better to you, R as in ride).

We (high school students) have friday off, but because I'm part of the do-it-all team, I have to go and help with decoration for the Easter rally on saturday. Good thing, I have to be there at 10:00 am.

And of course, I have to go on saturday, too, because of the same reason above. Since 7:30 am until....8:00 pm. I'm starting to feel the lazyness running through my veins already.

It must be a response to certain situations. Give me tasks and I'll become lazy. It's a mental inclination, I guess.

Tonight's big dilemma is whether to go to the first prom party tomorrow or not.

Reasons to go: I have to support my people.

Reasons not to go: I'm very uncomfortable at parties.

The access card is $4, sold by the prom people, to everyone who wants to go. Would you like to? I had three cards to sale, and I've sold two already. The other one is mine, but it's for sale, too. The party is at Jungle's. The zone where the party's at is a very glamorous and decrepit, and it happens to be called the Pink Zone, who knows why. It's glamorous because there you see daddy's kids there. Rich teenagers being cool, partying out their meaningless and shallow life in discotheques, getting drunk, getting laid and getting high. It's amusingly pathetic.

On the other hand.........I have fingers, too.

I'll probably stay home. Why? Because I don't want to go.

It's going to rain again. I'd love to put suction cups on my feet and attempt to climb the walls.

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