"I make and I sell soap"
Sunday, 04/14/02 - 5:13 pm.

According to one specific Internet quiz, I'm cheap, but very tasty.

So maybe it's not that I want to kill people. It's just...I don't, it's the simple pleasure of surprising them with such thing...

And now that I've got your attention....

I wish it rained. It's very hot. And if we add the fact that today is sunday, it's even hotter. And I want to crack my neck. I want to hear it go crack. I feel I have something in a bad position.

Speaking of happinness, add another happinness capsule to my basket. This morning when I woke up, I had my feet cold. Pretty stupid, considering that even at such early time, you could fry an egg on the roof. But that's life. So I got Frog to lie on my feet. She's very warm. Then Simeon tried, because he wanted his feet to be happy, too. Frog is the best pillow anyone could ever get.

(A just-because-line -->) Oh, wow.

Today's Javier 6th birthday. What's better to make you love life than your little kid celebrating his 6th birthday? Don't tell me, I really don't care. He's very happy today. Therefore, you have my family units and me happy. He deserves the world.

My birthday present to him was showing him a green beetle being attacked by ants (for the record, I did not set that up...it was a coincidence that I found such Discovery channel scene in the yard). He got very excited at first, and tried to help him, but then he just lost interest and went back to the TV. I decided to pick the beetle up and take it away from the ants. This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time (narrator), I emulated in my head. I don't know if it died. Maybe later on the ants found him again and now it's circulating as biological matter inside the anthill, among its citizens.

This is lame:

Best Alicia Silverstone Video: Crazy (yeah, ok)
Best Power Ballad: Dream On (definitely)
Best Special Effects: Livin' On The Edge (I love "Livin'..:" more than "Pink", but I think the award should go the last one).
Best Classic: Walk This Way -with Run D.M.C.- (I partly agree).
Best Steven Tyler Look: Dude -Looks Like a Lady- (who the FUCK chose that one?)
Best Live Video: Love in an Elevator (Hey, Einstein, it was shot in a studio...The only real "live" video is "The Other Side"!)
Best Guitar Lick: Sweet Emotion (well, yeah...ok).
Best 90's Video: I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing (You fuckers, it mostly showed Armageddon clips!!! The answer should be "Livin' On The Edge"!)
Best 80's Video: Janie's Got a Gun (thumbs up).
Best Aerosmith Video of All Time: Janie's Got a Gun (hard to choose, but I tend to agree).

And that my friends, was the Aerosmith Viewer's Choice Results, from Mtv2. That's just lame. Look what kind of "fans" they've gotten for my band....*tear in left eye*. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing for best 90's video?


People are a spread disease. A virus. Everytime I think of the group of jerks I still think of hurting them. Of shooting them. But yo, not of killing them.

I just want to see fear and surprise in their eyes, I want to feel I'm making an impression on them. I want to feel they're feeling blood and adrenaline being pumped up through their veins. I want to remind them there's something called life.

Tomorrow will be the most beautiful day of Raymond K. Hessell's life. His breakfast will taste better than any meal he has ever eaten (Tyler).

When I have them right on that corner, looking at me, about to cry, realizing that indeed they're just an all-singing, all-dancing crap, I'll tell them the truth. I'll tell them I am sick and so they are. They'll hear the role masses play...the role of a useless, disgusting roach. I'll load the gun and I'll aim to one of them...and I'll say with one eye closed: a.person.crushes.roaches...becauseofthat.

But I am not a person. They are, but they don't deserve to be killed. So get the FUCK out of here and learn to live, you human failure.

Learn or die.

I have a weird feeling...like suddenly I realized I'm in the Matrix, and I've found my Tyler Durden.

Like everyone else, I had become a slave to the IKEA nesting instinct. I refuse to be a slave.

I want to be the forbidden answer to the question that society never dares to ask.

I found freedom. Losing all hope was freedom.

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