Of illness, friends, notes, cats, and curses.
Tuesday, 04/16/02 - 4:36 pm.

Victor was very depressed today, because his dad had a meeting with the senior high principal, Hector, about his behavior. I felt sorry for him. I wish I could've helped him more (I made him laugh a couple of times). I hope everything works out for him. I love him so much. He's one cool individual.

I'm spending the recessess all by myself. Which is kind of cool, I get to go wherever I want, and I reassure my personality as an individual.

I can deal with lonelinness and isolation all by myself.

Veronica gave me a little note...oh, you're my treasure, your friendship means the world to me, let's not allow fate to take us apart...basically crap. Since I can remember, I've really never seen her words turn into actions.

Have I talked about my cat? I got a cat off the street. Maybe she's lost. She's not so big, she must be a few months old....Last night I fed her, I gave her milk and some other stuff (even Frog's biscuits). She's very affectionate and playful. Frog and her were becoming friends (damn the mankind and his stupid stereotypes). Today when I arrived home though, I was told she had an accident with some wires and her tail...it got entangled!!! As soon as she was released, she ran his ass off and she hasn't come back. Fuck, I hope she does. I want to see if she needs to be taken to the vet. I don't think my parents are very pleased with a cat. Let alone Alan, he's going to kill me (he hates cats)!!! But I love animals, if it was for me, I'd pick every dog and cat off the street, and take care of them. Please God, make her come back.

Well, I wish I had time to say more, but I have loads and loads of homework, from every subject...and math tests. Plus, this period we're taking seminary, we're having the school games, social service...Head is leaving this friday for good....and I have the flu. Too much to deal with.

It's sad...very sad. I'm hearing so much about the Icons|show. People met Brad, they heard the new songs, saw them live, will tape the show...all those artists paying tribute to the greatest rock and roll band ever (well...). Hearing, no more. Once again, I look at everybody riding the Aerosmith rollercoaster...

you must be *this* tall to get on.

I am tall enough. I just have a shitty luck. I can't even get in the fuckin' park. *blows nose and rubs tears off eyes* It's just the flu.

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