Farewell, Angel.
Wednesday, 04/17/02 - 7:08 pm.

Just a quick entry, because I'm about to go out. We're having a dinner for my friend Angel, aka Head.

I can't believe this is the last time I'll see him.

I'm sick. I feel terrible. I feel like I just lived a 48-hours day without any sleep. To make it worse, I got my...monthly issue today, so I was dying in Charlie's class.

It all picked up. Head was at school and I gave him a package.

I can't believe this is the last time I'll see him.

The Aerosmith Icon thing airs tonight. Please, watch it for me.

I feel horrible. I have fever. And tomorrow I'm going up the hill. Cel won't be there, because her and Art have been punished (God knows why) and only one of them was allowed to go.

- Angel: Hey, are you coming to dinner with us?
- The Guy: Dinner? What dinner?
- Angel: You don't know...well, uh..ask any of the guys...*turns to me* you do know where it is, right?
- Yours truly: Of course, son. I live about five blocks away.
- The Guy: Oh, yeah, your house...I could get there. I know where it is.
- Angel: Do you know where *yours truly* lives?
- The Guy: I, uh...no, I mean...I know that area. I could get to the place.

Conversation between The Guy, Angel and yours truly. The Guy, as you read, was invited, but I doubt he'll be there. He lives very far from the place. I just thought it was funny. Angel had some emotion in his voice, like asking how do you know?...and the guy sounded as if he was caught in a lie. He does know where I live.

I will miss him. We talked last night. The usual, I guess. But he was very sweet and funny. I don't know if it's love...maybe I do the same thing he does...I'm atracted to him, but not in love. I don't know. But I will miss him. And I wanted to talk to him before I left, because he's going out of the country this friday (he'll come back on sunday though).

I have a terrible headache. I'm going out right now. Maybe I'll write on friday or saturday, when I come back from Loyola's.

Wish me luck.

Wish Angel luck.

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