Here's my endorphines smiling at you.
Thursday, 05/02/02 - 10:19 pm.

I hadn't noticed before, but my classmates are fucking funny, and if "I laugh my ass off" was a true statement, I'd have lost my ass weeks ago.

I suppose that by now we've all gotten used to everybody else. Some people make me laugh. And the ones who don't, laugh too funny that it's impossible not to laugh. What I happily mean, is that we're a happy classroom.

Even more happily, I make people laugh, too. For quite a long time, the newspaper has been publishing posters of the football soccer teams that are participating in the World Cup. I collect them. Not only that, I...what would be the word?....I retouch them. It all started with an innocent mustache on one you'll find everybody, from Batman to Leonardo (from the Ninja Turtles), from a clown to the Amusing Shadow Child and the Amazing Molecule Man. Ricardo is the first one to ask to see them, and the way he laughs at them is just priceless. Now, every two days, everybody waits for my deliver. I've been doing that for a couple of weeks now, so the classroom wall is literally wrapped up in soccer team posters, kindly retouched by yours truly. It's like our wall of pride. People from other classrooms -and teachers- walk in and have a laugh, too.

Not to mention, our beloved Aliens. I made a couple of aliens out of green paper. We have about 9, posted on the walls, surrounding us. Besides those, someone brought the poster of a guy skating, I brought a picture of a couple of clowns....

In a few words, my classroom has the best enviroment to laugh your ass off. We're probably the happiest group of the whole prom.

And to make it EVEN funnier, today our math teacher slipped. Unfortunately, only Pereira (the Perry guy!), Patch and yours truly were watching. They said he was drunk. Oh, God.

Happy, happy, joy, joy.

My obese girl is very annoyed by Veronica and other girls, who are always bothering her with some Red Cross guy. She's very upset about it. Lucky her, she's got me (*exaggerated grin*). We had lunch together and talked about it and some other shit. She's very, very cute. And very skinny.

A stupid kid was trying to throw pens at the pidgeons today. I got so pissed off, and I was dying to throw at this kid my empty can of Pepsi.

See if you can fly, you miserable piece of shit.

I didn't. I hate myself for not doing it.

The Guy...I saw him today a couple of times. He asked Elsy for a hug, just to mention one thing that made me jealous. He called me in the afternoon though. We had a very heavy conversation, about taking *cough*a*cough*bath*cough*together*cough*. Ugh, sorry. I still have a cold.

Damn my hormones.

Speaking of colds, Vic said he loves my e-mails ("speaking of colds", because he's got a cold. I related cold to Vic). He always makes me turn bright red. He's always saying I'm very cute, he loves me so much...I can't help it. I'm glad he likes me though. I like him a lot, too. I can talk to him about anything, including sex. Although I do turn bright red, is something that I'm not ashamed of talking about.

That's another sign of maturity, Simeon says. A few years ago, I wasn't able to even say the word "fuck", or any other "dirty" word for that matter. Even up to the present time, some people still are shocked when they hear me say fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. What's with that word, anyway? You're the result of two people who fucked. The end.

Today I got to talk to Ricardo several times. I love making him laugh, you have no idea how I love that. He laughs so funny. I stuck a feather in his hair. He lost it, then he found a little one and gave it to me. It's a shame I lost it...hey, hey, I didn't lose it, ok? It got lost. I wanted to keep it.

Today on the Aerosmith Top Ten: position #6, Sunshine (*standing ovation by yours truly and Simeon*). And I just watched Making the Video: Jaded. It's rather stupid though. They promise to show a lot of things that are not shown. Oh, well...all in all, it was nice. Just because I love Aerosmith.

Don't you wonder why roaches exist? It's beyond my mortal comprehension. Roaches and mosquitoes...I don't see their use. Ants, bees...most of insects are here for a reason. Spiders are here to eat insects and keep a balance. But roaches....HOLYSHITTHERESONEHERE!!!! just killed it. The worst part is that the ones that are around the house are HUGE (lately, I've found several...I'm, oh-so-thrilled).

Die, miserable bitch, die *Simeon takes off his left All-Star and smashes the body of the dead roach repeatedly with anger and disgust*. Leave him alone, Simeon. He's with Elvis now.

I found one in my shoe, one of these mornings. I can't think of what they're here for. And mosquitoes...those little draculas that whistle in your ear and then bite you. MOTHERFUCKERS! They get on my nerves.

On my never-ending journey of self-discover, I realized the top three phrases that will get me through life. I told Obese girl about them. I didn't know I had a top three of phrases that will get me through life. Oh, but I do. *Simeon claps*. Maybe I did know. I justs didn't know I knew. Shit happens, you know? Yes, you do.

Also, I discovered that everyday that has no purpose to me should qualify as a Carpe diem day. I didn't have anything to look forward to today, so I just limitated myself to enjoy the moment. I got 40% more endorphines.

Endorphines: the key to happinness.

And that'd be all for today. No, wait...I got the results of my math test...I'll omit that, ok? I need 7 (being 10 the highest grade) on the monday exam to pass this month with 6. Math, I hate math. I just hate it. It's like roaches to me.

And the top three phrases that will get me through life are (brought to you by The Little Cow):

- You live in denial.

- I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

- HA! (as in "I laugh in your fuckin' face").

Life is ridiculous. Cheers.

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