Fun times of my life, let me tell you.
Friday, 05/03/02 - 9:41 pm.

I talked to Elisa!!! Remember Elisa? I'm sure you don't. Well, she's Patch's girlfriend, and I used to have lunch with both of them last year on the junior high hall. God, I love her. We had a long phone chat. You made me laugh so much, she said. I'm so happy. She asked me to call her because she needed someone to talk about her boyfriend. Basically, he's being an asshole. Put on "Cryin'" and get rid of him, I said. She agreed. There's not much to do. And speaking of Cryin', and Aerosmith...she's got a friend who owns the whole Aerosmith catalogue...CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? Funny thing, his first and middle name are The Guy's and Ricardo's name.

Useless tangent of the day: I came up with the line: Simeon's name is Simeon. What's Simeon's name?.

Anyway, the name sounds rather funny. I'm used to hear *The Guy's name*. I'm used to hear Ricardo. But both on the same person kind of sucks. But hey, he likes Aerosmith. He's got my sympathy.

Speaking of guys...when I was arriving to school, I saw The Guy talking to a girl, sitting in some spot I'm bound to walk through (near the shadow of the statue guy), in order to get to my classroom. It was going to be awkward, passing by him and that girl by, for several reasons. But as I got was the obese girl. Obese girl!!!, she said to me, I was telling him that I was waiting for you!!!. I replied: just let me drop off my stuff, I'll be right back. On my way to the classroom, I loved my obese girl like I had never before, and believe me, I love her lots. They (The Guy and the obese girl) hugged each other as they were walking, but I wasn't that jealous. I love obese girl so much that I wouldn't mind if she liked him and kept him (he's not mine, anyway).

Not much happenned during the morning. The usual dose of laugh I give and receive everyday. I particularly love my life. I brought along another soccer team poster and of course, people bursted laughing *tear in left eye*.

I must admit that I love staying for Social Service. I get to hang out with Roberto, one of the funniest, sweetest guy I've met. I crack up just to think of him. Plus, his hugs and kisses are very good. He hugs boys and girls. Boys like Norm and Fo take it pretty well. Actually, it's very normal to see boys hugging (half-hugging) at school...but since Roberto has been labeled as "gay" by some, the thing is a bit different. Oh, who fucking cares? He's first and foremost our biggest entertainer and our beloved friend.

In two weeks, people from the Company Of Jesus, from all over the country, will be coming to town, and being more specific, to my school (we're "the host", so to speak). We're going to have this celebration (you're gonna have to excuse yours truly, she forgot the name)...and oh, man, it's going to be fun. The celebration is from 6:30 p.m. to 5:30 a.m...including a little party, to release stress. It's a spiritual thing of course, but who says that God doesn't like to have fun? In fact, he's got a wicked sense of humor, you may have noticed. He kicks ass.

Oh, shit. I think my neighbors are having a party. Damn the man. I hate those neighbors. They're...the average, typical, stupid teenagers.

Where was I?....oh, yeah. It's gonna be fun. Only afterwards, we (by "we" I mean everyone in Social Service) are going to have to stay to clean up the whole school...but then, we get to use the swimming pool and we're invited to have breakfast. It sounds very promising.

I spent the three recesses with the Obese Girl. Her Stephanie (as I call her) didn't go to school today, and she was alone. Obese girl missed her, she told me several times. At a certain point I thought she was with me just because she didn't have anyone else to be with. But no. She was with me because she loves being with me, because I -according to her- make her laugh and she truly enjoys my conpany *tear in left eye*. She's not Veronica.

Obese Girl: I've noticed...excuse me for saying this, but she really doesn't care about what you say.
Me: Why? why do you say that?

Although deep inside, I felt she saw and understood everything perfectly.

Me: This morning...I can't remember what you said to her, that was very funny -because I laughed-, but she just...ignored you. Maybe she didn't understand you, or didn't get the point..but it seems to me she doesn't pay attention to you.

My Obese Girl....when her Stephanie comes back, she'll get back to hang out with her. I'm going to miss being with her. Because I understand her. And she does understand me. Because I make her laugh, and because she makes me feel appreciated.

I'm talking Ricardo into coming to the Company of Jesus celebration. He probably won't. He's very different from the rest of the KR team people (the Pastoral gang), as I am (only I do accept my responsabilities as a "member" of it). Although he spends practically his entire life in Julio's office, he always skips everything that has to do with Social Service.

This afternoon I spent it with him. He sat next to me, out of Julio's office (Carmen, Fo, Phil, Roberto...were playing Uno, as usual, inside). We went to the library to read the newspaper. We cracked each other up while reading and then got back to sit outside of the office. Then we went for a walk around school. A so very incoherent move, but it was ok. Then back to the spot where we were sitting. We talked about national bands and I swear to God it'd been so long since I'd laughed that hard. And you should've seen him...his head was about to explode!!! All red and stuff. It's like out bodies couldn't stand all that laughter.

We calmed down and around that time, Claudia and Anita arrived (from The Society). They...oh, bitches. Anita laid her head *almost* on Ricardo's...uh, "other head". And Claudia took the same position, only she was lying completely on the floor. There you had on his left, one on his right. After all those laughs he and I had, I hope he found those witches pretty boring to be with.

As I said, he skips Social Service. So I saw him at about 4:00 p.m., when I was finished. When I was leaving, he offered himself to walk me to the parking lot. Aaawwww......dammit: we're coming out of the halls and my parents, both of them, are standing here, looking down for me (and we're coming out of the white building, behind those palm trees) know how close-minded my parents are when it comes to my relationships with boys ("live in denial"), but I tried to stay calm, I just kept talking to him. I told him my parents were there, and it wouldn't be necessary for me to have him walk me upstairs. I thanked him for the ride and we kissed good-bye. We'd never done that. We really don't get along too often. But he's a cool kid.

Today's Aerosmith top ten position: #5, Pink. I went to get my haircut (you know, I sort of regret it, despite everything) and I was afraid I wouldn't make it on time. But Good Heavens, they aired the video at around 5:30, when they usually air it at 5:10, which is exactly the time I got home. God loves me. I love God.

And this, kids, was my day. Tomorrow is school day. Two hours of math. Oh, joy. Then on monday, my math exam. I'm terrified. But I don't have the heart to say I'll fail it. I know I most likely will, but I think I'll live in denial until the exam is over. For now, I can say I might get an 8. I might, yo.

Hey, this world is nothing but possibilities.

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