All I got inside is vacancy, Simeon.
Saturday, 05/04/02 - 11:26 pm.

I was thinking of one thing I said, about not having any connection with people, about not being able in any way to relate with the people I'm surrounded by and viceversa.

Simeon whispered to my ear that I'd hit the jackpot. Then he went BINGO! and started to climb the walls like Spider-man, pretending to shoot spiderwebs.

He really can't wait to see the movie. The Aerosmith rendition of the Spiderman Theme just kicks his ass.

I don't know why I wanted to cry this afternoon. So I didn't cry. Usually, I'd have let it flow, but this time I considered it'd be stupid to cry over something that doesn't exist. Well, that thing does, no, it doesn't...well, let's just say that its unexistence exists.

*Simeon stretches and yawns*.

There's something that bugs me. The same old song and dance. And part of what I mentioned before

It's that awful feeling of being lonely because you don't have (and others don't give you) any other choice, that terrible thought about future, nothingness awaits for you....the disappointment of waiting for something that never comes, or the even worse feeling of losing hope and not having any expectations.

I'll go to bed. For the time being, everything's pointless to me.

I'm dying to meet the reflection of my case I have one (either a reflection or a soul).

*Simeon jumps off the wall and waves goodnight*

Aaawww...Simeon's just my favorite fella.

Sometimes I curse the day I was concieved, because Simeon wasn't.

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