Bridget goes to Disneyland and Hugh eats spinach.
Sunday, 05/05/02 - 9:02 pm.

Surprise!! This date, in three years will be 05/05/05. I'm oh-so-astonished.

Veronica and I studied this afternoon. And tomorrow's her birthday. Just thought I'd share.

This morning my odd feelings (this one and this one) were totally blown away.

Because I watched a Walt Disney, I was about Walt Disney. Ok, a documentary. I thought it'd last about half an hour, but I ended up sitting through the whole show, for around 2 hours. It was about time I learned about him. He's THE animation pioneer, and if you ever get the chance to learn about his life, you must fucking do it.

I'm not a big fan of the Walt Disney studios, I'm a big fan of Walt Disney himself. The man who started it all. The man who accomplished everything he wanted, although he didn't have a "proper education" and his roots were very humble. He won 31 Oscar awards in his life, for fuck's sake.

I want to accomplish something before or by age 19. I want to shake the world before I turn 21.

Only you can't quite shake the world when you're still living with your parental units and livin' under their rules *Simeon rolls eyes, upset*.

It was a nice stroke of inspiration that I really wasn't expecting.

I got to see Bridget Jone's diary this morning. I felt sorry for Bridget, her life was a total embarrassment. But I loved it, yo. At times I could understand her feelings so well...

And I got scared I'd get to my 30's single. No, there's actually nothing wrong with it. It's only that society parameters suck.

Those odd feelings are not totally gone *Simeon pretends to say to himself out loud*

Yeah, it's paranoia.

But I can't help thinking there's some truth to them. I mean...I can't deny I need something new.

My weekend was full of spinach and Hugh Grant. I watched a couple of movies and movie trailers starring Hugh Grant throughout these two days (pure fluck), and my family has suddenly felt some weird appreciation for grass-alike vegetables (I'm sorry, vegetables and I don't lead a healthy relationship). Oh, joy *Simeon blows lock off face*.

Long hair rocks. I'm getting used to my lack of long hair, though. My hair, if it was blond and a little straighter, it'd be like Bridget Jones'.

No, no. I keep my eyes open. My face is nothing like Renee's.

I had a lot of thoughts during the movie. Sometimes when I relate to a movie....oh, forget it.

There's one thing I'm trying to accomplish. And I'm looking forward to accomplish it. Something in a near future. But I know I won't accomplish it, because it doesn't depend on me to happen. I've done my part already. So looking forward to accomplish that is like living in denial. If someday it happens, of course I'll mention it. But unfortunately, I'm gonna have to give up because I don't want to expect something and then not get it and be disappointed. I know, I shouldn't give up, because if you don't risk, blah, blah, blah...but trying to accomplish this is trying to kill a death roach. That useless.

Time to go to bed, Simeon *Simeon yawns*. Tomorrow it's my math exam. Wish me luck....good luck.

I'm not optimistic....I have an optimal behavior - Walt Disney.

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