Sing for the laughter and sing for the tears.
Monday, 05/06/02 - 6:18 pm.

I'd never, never laughed that way. Hasn't it happened to you? When you're in a crowd of people making noise and suddenly everyone's obligated to keep silence, everybody laughs.

We were with Charlie, our science teacher, and we had found out that classroom C had stolen one of the ridiculous posters I'd brought. Everyone started to make plans about attacking them and rescue the guy in the poster. Charlie got mad and told us to shut up......Silence.....then someone trying to suffocate a laugh. And everyone started laughing, trying not to.

All of a sudden, this girl Elisa went...just imagine the sound of someone throwing up. And then it was this expansive wave of people bending over their desks, with suffocated laughter...and then it hit me...I had tears in my eyes and my head was about to explode, after 10 minutes of laughing...and all you could hear was people trying to suffocate laugh. When the bell finally rang, everyone bursted out of the classroom.

Speaking of waves...shit, there's a damn heat wave. As far as I remember, it's never been so hot. It gets on my nerves, specially because I'm trying to study for tomorrow's exam. Studying socialism is not fun, let alone when you're out of your mind because of the heat.

Speaking of exams...math. It took me one hour and a half to get one exercise done properly. When it was only 15 minutes left, I did 5. It was a weird moment. Like something suddenly hit me and made me understood. Logic, just what I needed. I had some kind of mental diarreah, writing, writing...and I did pretty well. Only...not good enough. I'm going to fail this month.

Today's Aerosmith top 10 position: #4, Fly away from here. Shit, that song made it. And I hate it.

Well, I guess that'd be all. I'm not in a good mood. I can't stand this fucking wheather, I can't stand this fucking subject, I don't understand it (my social studies teacher is, um...very special. In a pathetic way)....and I can't stand those rumours about my band splitting up.

May 6 � Are the members of Aerosmith planning to walk their own way? A source close to the long-lived group says that in-fighting among the members has gotten so bad that the band is on the verge of splitting.
"THEY WOULD BE fighting � except that they�re barely speaking to each other," says a well-placed source. The insider says much of the tension can be traced back to lead singer Steven Tyler. "His ego is out of control", says the insider.
A spokesman for the group laughs off the talk, pointing out that the group has a greatest hits album coming out in June and is going on tour in August. "They�re like brothers", he said. "They�ve been together for 30 years".
Is there tension among the members, the Scoop asked. "As I said, they�re like brothers", says the spokesman. "Let�s just say there�s no talk of splitting".

No one believes those by now, because they say those rumours have been heard before. I know.'s a scary thought. I've never gotten a chance, you know? know what? I'll shut up.

*Simeon puts on "Aerosmith" (the album)*. sing with me, sing for me for the years...

Lesson for today, by Simeon *Simeon writes on the walls with a marker*:
simplifying is complicated.

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