"Good-bye, Roxanne"
Tuesday, 05/07/02 - 8:13 pm.

I've realized that these current exams suck. They're too heavy. It's ridiculous. Social studies was too ambiguous and too general. And tomorrow it's science...Good Lord, have mercy on me. Don't you hate naming isopropyl crap and the benzene reactions?

This lovely morning (because it was kind of windy), I felt very touched. Today it's Elsy's birthday and Pablo, her sweetheart, left several gifts on her desk: balloons, flowers, letters, toys....very sweet. I couldn't help...you know. She was so touched that she cried. I was touched, but in a different way.

When it was time for reccess, I took the lab hall...in front of that hall, there's the Junior high hall, and Pablo and Elsy were walking in that one, parallel to me, caressing and hugging and kissing each other. I couldn't help smiling, thinking that I was diagonally parked in a parallel universe. I felt something or someone up there was laughing at me. Despite it was a crappy feeling, I could do nothing but smile.

I had to spend the recess with Vic and her girlfriend. They're plain crazy, and all they do is fight with each other...like only couples in love can, that is. They touch each other practically every second. But they're fun to be around with. At first it felt very awkard, but I caught up very quickly and we had a laugh or twenty.

For the first time, I talked to Ricardo during classes. On lit class, we were allowed to sit wherever we wanted, because we only had to read. Norm's desk is in the best place, right on the corner and you can lay your back against the wall. He went away so I sat there. And Ricardo came and sat in the desk in front of that one. He gave me his e-mail (so I'd send him a link) and he wrote my name on some paper we've been given.

Only that between my first and last name, he wrote "spider ranger" (he used to call me "red ranger", and now "spiderwoman", because -yes- of the movie Spiderman. "Red ranger" because I drew that one on one of the World Cup soccer team posters).

I helped him write a gay letter to Rod, and it was hilarious. We talked about horoscopes and some of our relatives doing embarrassing local commercials. Yes, my cousin and his uncle...not to mention my neighbor. We laughed so hard. We were talking about the Roxanne dolls, because my neighbor appeared on those crappy commercials...and we were cracking up so hard that the teacher noticed and told him to go back to his desk. Good-bye, Roxanne, he whispered. Only then I could get to read in peace. But it was fun...no one makes me laugh like he does. As a token of my appreciation, I'm giving him a dead bug tomorrow.

I'm terrified by the news today, more than any other day. On every news broadcast, they're showing the video of a man who ran over a bunch of kindergarten kids with his pick-up. I saw it. I thought they'd cut out just when he approaches, but they didn't. He ran over them like roaches. There's a new trend, that consists on making homeless people abuse themselves...the producers think it's clever. Without getting out of the country, yesterday the city police found a girl that had been chained to the chair by her mother to keep her in the house. And...you wouldn't like me to go on. I wish my dad turned off the TV.

Something's wrong with the world today...


Back to study. Wish me luck. *Simeon gives yours truly a three-leaf clover*

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