Sunday noon miscellaneous randomness.
Sunday, 05/12/02 - 01:13 am.

Last night the whole family went to this chinese restaurant...I'd never gone to one, seriously. Only once, when I was in New York. It was great.

When we got out, from the bar on the corner, I could see the big TV: Mtv Icon (AAAAAEROOOSMIIITH!!!) was on (of course, I taped the Aerosmith performance when we arrived home).

Also, there was a band playing live. I swear, adrenaline was pumped up through my veins. The band sucked, but there was something about a band playing in a bar. So far, I'd never understood the fever of seeing a low-class garage band playing in a club. But this time I understood. I was tempted to walk in that bar and stay through the whole set, despite they sucked.

It's just that feeling.

I want a band. I've always wanted a band. That's my impossible dream. I have stage fright and a lack of voice. But I'm waiting for the day I turn schizo.

My dad has adopted a poor boy off the street. Kind of. One day this little kid knocked on the door and...I don't know the rest of the history, but so far my dad has given him money to buy his school uniform and helped him with some other little things. The kid always comes back, to show him his grades, how much he takes care of his's very tender. In a healthy world, the government would help the boy develop his potential.

I'm working on a project: everyday, on a rock in my yard, I leave some rice for the birds. I'm guessing one day the rock will disappear, because of the constant picking. For the time being, the rock does look scratched. I'll let you know what happens from 50 years on.

Tom Hamilton's house burned down. I'm pretty sure Tom owns more than one house. Thank God there were no injuries. As far as I know, he was the only Aerosmith member whose car/house hadn't burned down.

A fire at 132 Packet Landing Road, off Route 6A, a house owned by Tom Hamilton, was reported at 6:45. Another fire at a barn nearby on Meetinghouse Way, Route 149, was spotted at 6:59 pm, police said. (Cape Cod Times).

(yes, I do notice they've given out Tom's -now "useless"- address. I happen to know the state. But even if the address still worked...I'm just not that kind of person. WE LOVE YOU, TOM!).

My brother in Houston almost made me cry last night, when he was giving me a speech about my future after I finish school...he made me feel insecure, unsure, with no way out. I'm scared to death.

Last night I found out how to feel my blood running inside of me. It's actually very simple, something that everyone has done, but as many things in this sad world, I had seen it whitout noticing it.

I put my feet up the wall for some time. Then I put them back down. And I felt that weird cold thing inside my legs, coming down to my toes. Blood.

I hate hot sundays.

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