The king and the dragon.
Sunday, 05/12/02 - 9:06 pm.

Simeon and I
Simeon and I went
Simeon and I went down
Simeon and I went down the
Simeon and I went down the basement.

And with the lights off, we remembered one of the short stories Fidel told me.

"One night, a powerful king had a dream: it was night and he was walking in his garden. All of a sudden, something kneels before him and begs him to protect him. It was a dragon.

- The commander of your Kingdom army wants to cut my head off....please, save me!...please, don't let him kill me.

The next day, when the king woke up, he made all the efforts to keep his commander busy throughout the whole day. He gave him all kind of tasks, and even played chess with him.

The day finished, and the commander was exhausted. And headed to bed.

And the next morning, the commander presented himself before the king, and told him about a dream he had.

- Your highness, I had quite a weird dream last night: I dreamed of a dragon. And I cut his head off and presented it before you. I killed him"

And the king understood his mistake.

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