A sore spine for the winter.
Wednesday, 05/15/02 - 5:45 pm.

I had two conferences about inmigration today.

The second was more focused on just inmigration and the United States inmigration laws and you know...the legal stuff.

The first one was more..."human". This 35 year-old guy went to the United States when he was 14 years old. Discrimination made him get together with the "latin crowd", so obviously he was labeled as a delinquent. But since that was his group of friends, the only place he was accepted in, he had to make all the rituals. He got tattoos and piercings, he took drugs, drunk alcohol...you know, the typical stereotype of the latin person. Because of discrimination. When he was back, he was discriminated again. Because of his looks. He had the best intentions, after realizing he had fucked up in the US. But no one gave him the chance. It's a long story, and I guess I'll stop here, because my back hurts and I do not wish to be sitting.

Girls of Summer has been in my head the whole day. But I'm not happy with it. Not as an Aerosmith song. Where the fuck is Joey?

Plus, I think I don't qualify as a girl of summer. I prefer winter.

The days have been less crappy. It's finally windy and I can feel the rain season taking over. Thank God, for fuck's sake! It's going to rain in a few minutes.

I was asked to help make signs for the english fair. I'm gonna make drawings.....me? draw?. Yeah, those little cute Simeons you draw, as Vic's girlfriend told me...fuck, I'm flattered. Clap for me, Simeon *Simeon claps*. They want my drawings. They want you, Simeon *Simeon claps for himself*.

On my CD player there's currently a burned CD of the Chain Reaction (Steven's band before Aerosmith) singles. Simeon loves to dance to The Sun. Specially because there's no gravity in my bedroom.

That's yet another thing that for Simeon qualifies as nasal dripping happiness.

For some strange reason, everything I was thinking of writing, has been forgotten. It must be because my back sores. My obese girl and Vic gave me several massages. But it just doesn't go away. I'm sorry for the lame entry.

Jhonny Bravo's biography is on.

And I love Aerosmith.

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