Summer rain of young lust.
Wednesday, 05/15/02 - 9:27 pm.

Ok, I really have nothing to do right now (and if I did, I'd rather forget it), and I got a pillow for my back and now it's resting. Good for it. So hell, why not? I'll write again.

I came accross the Girls of Summer lyrics.

When winter hush turned summer pink
In half the time it takes to blink
But it all depends on what you think
About the girls of summer

It's funny how the weather changes from country to country. I'm actually waiting for winter, with its cold mornings and rainy, windy days. Girls of Summer will be my winter more than one way.

When all you think of all day long
Is a pretty face inside a song
With a thought like that you can't go wrong
About the girls of summer

The guy called in the afternoon. But today we got another phone for the house and I have this terrible, justified paranoia that someone might pick it up and find out that some guy is telling me he wants to have an orgasm. He asked me to throw him a kiss (to make that sound perfectly, I kissed Frog)...I'm just mentioning it because it's the first time he asks me for one. The rest is the S.O.S (Same Old Shit, according to Aerosmith)...I want you and all those things about phone sex that just crack me the fuck up. In the end, it turns out he's faking it. It doesn't matter, because I don't do anything either (but I'm honest and I tell him that I do not do anything physical). So it's all very dumb. Yet....I love him. Because I do. Not because of his 7 inches. Because of what he is. How he is.

Some girls are all about it
Some girls they love to let it fly
Some girls can't live without it
Some girls are born to make you cry
Over and over again

(specially on 8th grade).

My favorite thing that drives me wild
Is when a city girl walks a county mile
For the boys she loves...

Actually...I don't walk that mile for the boy I love. Despite I love the guy so, so, so much, I melt for him and-you-know-the-rest, giving my vagina to his hungry dog is just not worth it (Down, Rambo. Sit down, boy.).

Oh, the beauty of self-esteem.

....God bless the child
Inside the girls of summer


Some girls....

I suppose whoever wrote this song (I'm guessing it was the fuckin' Boneyard Boys) was thinking of the Society girls. I saw them playing volleyball during lunch. In fact, I sat in front of the volleybal court. Popular, sexy babes in shorts, with hot boyfriends, with VIP passes to all of the high-class parties, living in a shallow, hypocritical world. Though Elsy friendly waved and wished me a happy lunch. She, and a girl we call Candy, are different from the rest. They're good girls.

They get you climbin' the walls
They get you caught in their spell
They get you speakin' in tongues
What gets me heaven or hell
To fall in love twice a day
Is such a sweet price to pay

When I was waiting for my dad to pick me up this afternoon, Ricardo and the guy were coming up to the parkway. They were leaving, and passed me by. Ricardo walked back and kissed me good-bye, the guy just stood there and waved. I saw them walk away. I felt the rush of endorphines. I love boys......yeah, I know, coming from a straight girl, that's obvious. But that rush was very special. I love seeing them together. I'm not sure why (no, no sexual reasons involved. Honestly...if I'm going to have a fantasy, I'd rather have one person, male. I want exclusivity). It's kinda cute. They're similar to each other in many ways (the way they walk, their voices -shit, it's almost the same-, the way they act like gays -so fuckin' sweet-, the way they laugh), they're like brothers. Maybe I'm in love with both. Not exactly in a romantic way. I wasn't sure which of them gave me that rush of hormones. It's just a cute sightning.

Oh, the boys of summer.

The best things about life are free
The pussy willow up your tree
To the one who climbs the long way's deep
Oh, girl.

Shit, then why do I have to pay $85 for an Aerosmith concert? Smartass.

Fuck, I'm going to bed. It's raining, aren't you happy for me? I love rain.

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