Greetings from an injured spine.
Thursday, 05/16/02 - 7:12 pm.

I suppose God loves it when you spontaneously say Thank you to Him. I did today, it came from my heart, and didn't even realized until I'd heard those words in my head.

Because it rained. Because a significant part of the morning was windy and cloudy. Then it became hot, as usual, with a motherfuckin' sun melting even the balls I don't have. But now that I'm home, it just rained again. God, I love rainy days.

I didn't think my back would hurt today, but I could barely get off the bed this morning. Please, kill me now.

Tomorrow is the day I get to wake up late (well, if you have in mind that "late" for me is 7:30 a.m.), draw, drink chocolate milk and maybe go see Spiderman. I know at least 100 people are going to the trip, good for them. I know it'll be fun. The river, the hill, the top of the hill from where you can see the beautiful lake...

Still, that wasn't enough of a motivation.

If I had a lover, I'd buy this for our pleasure....shit, I don't need a lover for that. I want those!

I'm having some kind of depression. But it's the hormones, I know me. Perfect timing for the period. It came with the evening rain. poetic *Simeon rolls eyes ironically*.

Oh, shit, it's starting to hurt...moments like this make me think that boys are very lucky when it comes to physical sexuality (sexuality is more than genitals, I know you know).

Today it was one of those crappy days when I can't stand being away from the guy. But hey, I have to deal with that, right? It's kind of hard. I was hoping he'd call, but I'm sure he won't. Awww, this feeling will go away *Simeon silently agrees*.

Today it was Carmen and Fidel's birthday. Fidel doubles her age. She turns...18. She can vote now. I gave Fidel the statue of three doplhins. I gave Carmen two glass whales (one was green and the other white), I told her to name them Sigfried and Roy. My interaction with them didn't go further. I know they don't like their birthdays...the scandal about it, that is. Fidel even thanked me for not making his day weirder. At your service, yo. Carmen only said that I'd been disconnected, we hadn't interacted that much this week. Happy birthday, kids.

I know my entries have been lame. I....I have no excuse. Life's been kind of dull and repetitive. But I do lose my ass everyday, laughing with the crowd, over and over again.

Please, remove my spine. It's beating the living crap out of me *tear runs down cheek*

I can't wait to get my lame basketball t-shirt. I'm player number 00.

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