A healed spine calls for Simeonman cheers.
Friday, 05/17/02 - 5:44 pm.

*Simeon chants: Simeonman, Simeonman...does whatever...uh, Simeon can*

Simeon, you're so lame sometimes *Simeon sticks out tongue, shoots spiderwebs and jumps to the dining room ceiling* Have I told you how much you rock? *yours truly's left-half-of-her-lips smiles* *claps twice*.

It's a miracle!!! I'm healed!!! Like I said, Cel and Art might come over. Oh, they did. And I think that was all my back needed.

Yes, I was dying this morning, like I was dying last night. I took several 6.93-minute-long naps. And around 12:13, after waking up from my 8th nap, I'm told a boy and a girl are asking for me.

My mom is receiving Art and Cel very kindly. And then she left me alone with them. We had long talks about all kinds of stuff, from being happy about not going on the trip (those two in particular didn't go because they've been labeled...the "3 meter rule" I've talked about...shyeah, as if they were to have sex -err, at least in a public place-) to incoherent shit, because with Cel and Art I can have wide conversations.

Dad told me to order a pizza for the three of us. I talked them into sticking around (they were somewhat embarrassed) and so we had lunch together. It was like a picnic, because we were out in the garden.

When we were done, we went to the back of the garden and we picked this little flowers...I taught them how to suck in order to get the honey out of them. They were impressed by the trick. I remember I too was impressed when Alan (when I was still a baby) told me those flowers had honey and I could suck it out. It's like a little secret.

They had to leave, because it was going to rain. Yes, my classmates must be on their way back to town, they'll arrive in about one hour. I'm guessing something happenned. I mean, something always happen. I know I'll be hearing you should've gone and all those little made-up phrases to make me regret my absence.

But still, I think there was something from "up there" that made me not go. I find it very "Divine" that I didn't sign up for this trip, because just the road trip would have been truly a torture for my spine. Plus, I got my period last night, and the usual pain in the morning. I'd have thrown up like a pregnant woman. Plus, I got to wake up late (yes, 6:45)....plus, I stayed home, drank chocolate milk, got to see the gray clouds covering the blue sky...I don't regret I didn't go. I had a great time with my friends. They care so much for me, they came over to check on me. After my two ex-friends (Carmen and Veronica) got together, I was put aside. After they divorced. I was practically swept off and neglected...now I've been adopted *tear in left eye*, by a caring couple that love each other so much. As things turn out, Veronica hates Art.

When we were out in the garden, I saw something beautiful. Art let himself fall, but Cel caught him and held him...he turned his head to her and...God, you wouldn't believe the look they had in their eyes. Their eyes were flooding love. I'd never seen that look in real life. It's maybe the most beautiful look I'd ever seen.

Simeonman, Simeonman...doing the impossiblewhybecausehe...doesn't exist!!!.

Good for you, Simeon *grins and sticks up thumb*

Well, yes, I do feel better. I'm so glad they came.

Now, it's time for Simeonman and yours truly to come up with something that ends with ...and the bastards.

*Simeon gets his notebook by shooting spiderwebs and cranks up Aerosmith rockin' tunes in the stereo stuck to the ceiling*

Have I told you how much you rock, Simeon?

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