All that because of the Holy Spirit.
Sunday, 05/19/02 - 4:25 pm.

It was a terrible day yesterday. I had the basketball championship, we won the first match, we lost the second one and the name of the team and my t-shirt suck.

Except for the number on the back: 00.

I came back home, took a bath, slept five minutes, had lunch with a pinch of anger and went back to school. Worked the entire afternoon and waited for the night.

The people that were coming over were running late. So while we were waiting it all was good. Talked to some people, laid down on a bench (with Elsy caressing my good).

Then those people arrived. We were expecting 300-500 people from all over the country (jesuit communities), but only about 150 showed up. We were expecting two or three buses, but it was only one.

The activities were boring and all of the seniors stayed away. Besides the seniors, other people came. At first it seemed it'd be a celebration of the seniors and the friends that got thrown out of school. Also, some juniors arrived, too. They were obligated to participate. I laugh at your faces, losers.

The activity was so boring that everybody was sneaking out of the auditorium. In couples, mostly. So the seniors had to walk around school, to prevent a demographic explosion.

The crowd?! The crowd doesn't respect sleep anymore. Victor (not Vic, another Victor) and I ran into each other practically every minute, so it was always a comment on how much the crowd gets stuck on any given thing we were doing at the time we'd run into each other. Oh, yeah, and he played Cryin' with a guitar.

Again, you had the seven pastoral kids with Karla. Only this time it was Angelica instead of Denver (he didn't go). The six of them (and ocassionally me, the seven of us) pretty much were together the whole night, comforting each other (Roberto was sort of depressed, and in general, everybody was tired out). When we were walking around the halls, we found two people in sleeping bags. When we got to the Teachers' Room, we saw the lights were being turned on and off and we heard laughter. We walked in front of it and we heard a huge noise...and laughs again. Someone must've thrown a chair or something. We found out it was Mingo (Junior high science teacher) and some former teacher, that were drunk (in the morning, Fidel told me that it was actually Mingo who stumbled upon chairs and fell off).

Besides that, there wasn't enough food, everybody slept whenever they could (sleeping bags, piles of backpacks, Fidel's office, halls or Chris' car) and we all cursed what was happening, and regreted being there.

It rained at around 10:00 p.m. Everybody was out in the cold, pouring rain, and cold to death!!! It was great!!!!!

Yo, it's sarcasm, you realize. Actually, the first thing that came to my mind with such weather was what happened to the Titanic and the agony of freezing.

After it stopped raining, mist took over. Even worse. I was expecting a collective emotional breakdown in any minute. Dany was fuckin' shorts!!!! He got wet but he was happy about it. It was weird seeing him at a pastoral activity, he hates everything that has to do with it.

It's been said that the Holy Spirit descends at 12:00 a.m.. I swear I didn't feel anything divine. I was (and I know we all were) going through hell, feeling damned, frozen and chained to forced insomnia, doing nothing. I still don't understand what we were supposed to do. Karla and the Pastoral Department is just desorganization and improvisation. We had made commissions but they didn't seem to work. No one knew what to do and we all got tasks along the way.

I got to sleep for about 15 minutes. I was woken up by some stupid procession of the people. I just sat with Fo, Norman, Roberto and Karla and felt miserable, trying to find something to laugh at, waiting for all those people to get the hell out of here.

Just like Roberto's brother said, at 4:00 a.m., there's no such thing as reality. Some stupid birdies were chirping. At fuckin' 4:00 a.m., for God's sake, what were they thinking? Life as a bird is very shitty.

Fo and I stayed out of the little party that was scheduled after the stupid procession (we-do-not-dance). Finally, after 11 hours of agony under the cruelest wheather and drowsiness, I told him I could see the sky was turning blue, the clouds were going away. Which meant it was going to be 5:00 a.m., which meant those people were going to leave.

And only then I felt the Holy Spirit coming down to Earth.

I couldn't believe I had survived. At 2:00 a.m. I thought time had stopped forever and I'd be stuck in that moment for the rest of my miserable, soaking wet, exhausted life.

I found out that Ricardo and Julio did stay the night at school, but they watched movies and fell asleep in the Video Room.

At the break of dawn, I noticed the guy's absence. I was waiting for him last night but then I totally forgot about him, when I started to complain and curse. I don't know, I think his absence was a blessing, both for him and for me.

I came home at 7:20 a.m. and slept until 12:30. But I'm yawning again, I'm fuckin' tired.

I call The Four Riders of the Apocalypse to take to the deepest hole of the 5th Hell the soul of whoever thought of doing such MOTHERFUCKIN' SENSELESS SHITTY CRAP in my school.

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