Opposite poles.
Tuesday, 05/21/02 - 10:29 pm.

God...Elsy did come over. I expected to hear: I'm sorry, I won't be able to go or something like that this morning. But no......nope.

We came home and she met Frog. The first dog she's not afraid of. She was shocked by Frog, so cute, so friendly. No one is ever going to believe I was in touch with a dog.

We went to my bedroom, and talked. Then we had lunch. She eats amusingly slow, but I didn't rush her...I found it sort of cute. We went to the garden and studied math on the grass. I gave her one of those little flowers with honey. We were attacked by laziness, so we moved out of there, we came to the dining room, put on Elmopalooza! and Get Your Wings and ate snacks with chocolate milk. That was until my nephew came and turned on the TV. We moved into the studio.

In there we talked about people, the crowd. The guy (she's obviously not aware -or pretended she didn't know- he and I are "in touch") talks to her often, he's got a lot of problems. They even went out together. Elsy said she's kind of his psychologist. I did feel bad for myself, because I always wanted to be the one he'd consider a friend to count on...but I don't think he could be in better hands (they're just friends though).

Then off to my bedroom, where I turned off the lights and my glow-in-the-dark stars...uh, glowed. I showed her my sunder ball and we watched the electricity flow through our fingers for several minutes. She looked incredibly happy, I'd really never seen her that way. She said my house was such a beautiful, quiet place and I was crazy.

We had dinner and since my parents had left, we went to their bedroom and lied on their huge bed.

My life is full of loneliness. Her life is a complete (social) rush. We should switch lives for a day.

We found out we are opposite poles.

She's the popular girl. I'm the socially challenged girl.

She doesn't have time for herself. I don't have anyone to invest my time in.

At a certain point, while lying on our back on the bed, I raised my left arm. I asked her if she ever had raised it that way and kept it in the air for a long, long time, like trying to reach something. YOU'RE KIDDING!!!!. Turns out...she does it all the time. She thought she was the only one, everybody always look at her like what are you, fuckin' crazy?. Such little thing we have in common: raising our hands and keeping them up, just because it feels good.

She said she had a great, relaxing afternoon. She made me appreciate my life, like you have no idea.

Maybe it's that old saying, opposite poles atract each other. I enjoyed being with her. The way I only enjoy obese girl and Cel's company. And I hoped she felt the same.

It must be like the world map I showed to her. America is far away from Japan, according to the map. But if you crossed the opposite ocean, you would skip going through the other continents. It's just that the map gives you a flat concept, when in reality, the globe is round.

I mean...heck, you make up what I mean. I have lots of things left to do, and I should be in bed.

- The crowd is weird.
- Everything sure is.

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