Joseph's birthday, and what a drag it turned out to be (for me, anyway).
Monday, 02/28/05 - 5:51 pm.

Joseph turns 25 today, and I visited him at his work. He'd said before, several times, at work you'll be my priority, but, of course, he was wrong. I walked in and he barely looked at me, being so busy putting labels and such. I waited for him outside, on a bench.

If you ask me, and even if you don't, I'll say I liked the other time we met better (two weeks ago). He only had an hour off for lunch and we had a milkshake. I intended to pay for something a meal, but he said he wanted a milkshake.

He's quitting his job next week, one day before my classes start. He's kind of doing it for me, but above all, he doesn't want that job (or any other, for that matter). I don't understand how he pretends to be jobless and yet get a car within six months. He could, all right, he's very "resourceful" and stuff (without breaking the law, I mean). But all this is annoying me a little.

See, we're going to meet at the campus everyday, and one day he'll get all rancid and won't talk to me and weeks later he'll say "I'm the one who's always looking for you". Well, then don't be. Regardless, my resolution is to see him some place else. Any other place, other than the campus.

I had some time to kill after he got back to work (before my dad picked me up), so I walked around the mall and bought myself a mini Ninja Turtle, to fill some strange void I was feeling. I also got a greeting card for Irene, whose birthday is on the 19th (so is my brother's, the one moving out).

I didn't intend to get a card for Joseph (my present was a The Crow poster), let alone at the last minute, but I found one that suit him perfectly. I scribbled some things about physics and math, explaining him that was how much I loved him, licked the envelope and dropped by the store again to give it to him.

I'm really not in a good mood. I guess I wanted to make his birthday a whole lot more special. He doesn't really care about it...I mean, about it being a "happy" one and such. I for one am a little disappointed about my meeting with him. Maybe it was the lack of time we had, or the crowded place we were in, or the news he gave me, or a combination of all.

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