I was going to talk about the weather but a tangent brought me to New York with my dad.
Tuesday, 03/01/05 - 5:47 pm.

Around march, the sky starts to get all cloudy, but not the "rain" type of cloudy. It's an awful smog-like cloudy, that makes the day even hotter than it's supposed to be. I hate those days, and they've started today.

Which also means my semester is about to begin. Tomorrow I'm going to pick up all my paperwork at the university, and classes begin on the 11th. Hopefully tomorrow I'll see Joseph, and my friends (ALL three of them).

I watched When Harry Met Sally this afternoon. It's very entertaining, I loved it.

My nephew is staying over for two weeks, while his mom goes to New York. NEW YORK, I WANTED TO GO TO NEW YORK!!!! I asked her to walk by the Dakota building (where Yoko Ono lives) and tell me how it is, since her hotel is like 10 minutes away from there. I wouldn't go there if I were in New York, though. My Super Ego would call me "stalker" repeatedly, until my Ego split and I required a lobotomy.

My brother, his wife and both children (the ones who live in Houston) are in New York, as well. My nephew is in a choir and he'll sing in Boston. BOSTON!!! Dammit. So they'll meet with my sister. Dammit, I say. I wanted to go.

Dad says "your turn will come", and sometimes talks about *when* I write books and win scholarships. That doesn't really make me feel any better. It gives me hope, but it doesn't make me feel better.

Speaking of my dad, he's been a bitch these days. He always is, may the man forgive me, but he has his attacks. I hate it when he gets all rude to my mom and he scolds her, he scolds her for attitudes he claims she has. Those are HIS attitudes! He's always making assumptions, and is painfully sarcastic and apathetic and...so many things. Sometimes I just can't stand him. I was reading the little prince to my nephew yesterday when I heard him "talking" to my mom in some tone he has, and I did not want to hear anything, so I read faster and faster, and I had no idea what planet the little prince was by then.

For a moment, I was expecting the voices to raise. I tried to imagine my mom asking for divorce. But they would never do that. Not that I'd like a divorce, of course not. But it's at moments like this when I understand them. My dad gets all annoying on my mom sometimes, and she, in her christianity, won't fight back. Even when she does, my dad is the kind of man with whom you just can't win.

He's a wonderful man, really. Very dedicated to his family and friends, very smart and analytic and knowledgeable. He just should be a bit more...say, empathetic.

You know, I wasn't planning on writing the last six paragraphs.

Joe and I...we don't talk anymore. We're online at the same time, but there's nothing to say. He doesn't seem much interested in talking to me, and perhaps I'm starting to feel the same. So it's time to let all this go.

*Lets all this go*

I feel like writing a lot, but first I have to finish the second "first-draft" of my story for the contest. It still doesn't look long and good enough. I should hurry, self, for my classes begin next week, and that means less time to work on it.

Ok. Bye.

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